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This article covers configuration specific to this laptop's hardware.

Device Status Kernel modules modules
Bluetooth adapter Does not work wl
GPU Works i915 modesetting
Touchpad Works psmouse libinput
Wireless NIC Works wl


Bluetooth adapter

Installing the Broadcom wireless#broadcom-wl driver will not help and the Bluetooth adapter is essentially inoperational.


Install xf86-input-libinput.

Wireless NIC

See Broadcom wireless#broadcom-wl.

Warning: Using the proprietary driver in tandem with KMS leads to sporadic lockups. See this kernel bug report.
Note: The FLOSS driver b43 does not support LCN40 PHYs (as demonstrated that BCM43142, the chip this laptop sports, is one here) yet.


Laptop freezes on boot

If your laptop freezes whilst booting Linux, usually, one of these solutions will help:

  1. Blacklist modules dw_dmac and dw_dmac_core:
    1. By adding the kernel parameter modprobe.blacklist=dw_dmac,dw_dmac_core.
    2. By adding these lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf:
      blacklist dw_dmac
      blacklist dw_dmac_core
  2. Set the BIOS setting OS Selection in the Advanced menu to Windows 7.
  3. Update kernel to version which has a fix as described in this kernel bug report.