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AUR Cleanup Day is a bi-yearly event at the 20th of September.

Cleanup suggestions will be looked at sooner if you submit them to the aur-general mailing list. Some guidelines are listed here.

The AUR has a large number of obsolete packages which could use cleaning up. Examples of packages that may be cleaned up are:

  • Packages that have been renamed or replaced
  • Old and unmaintained developmental (cvs/svn/etc) packages

Post suggestions of packages on the AUR Cleanup Day pages below. Trusted Users will get together and go though the list in a couple of weeks after the event and confirm which packages should be removed.

Join #archlinux-aur to collaborate and chat.

Template (Package list)


Check for the package in the sorted lists below before adding.

<--informative separator-->

<--Orphaned & out-of-date from before 2016-->

<-- Replaced by -->

<--Should be renamed-->

Possible reasons

  • doesn't work anymore
  • deprecated by packagename
  • obsoleted by packagename
  • replaced by packagename
  • duplicate of packagename
  • project page and sources aren't available
  • "dead" project; it's very old and doesn't work with the latest versions of its dependencies
  • "dead" project and too old to be useful
  • project page and sources aren't available
  • not needed anymore (it's for old PACKAGENAME), broken source link
  • old dev-version, PACKAGENAME project uses git now
  • is it needed in Arch Linux?
  • broken links (see comment by USERNAME)
  • outdated for a long time
  • this one should be renamed
  • deprecated by upstream
  • outdated, orphaned
  • broken links, too old, not maintained
  • included in extra/PACKAGENAME
  • already included in core/PACKAGENAME
  • old beta version, broken source link, replaced by packagename
  • maintainer wrote that it may be deleted
  • dropped upstream
  • depends on packagename and has not been updated for N years...
  • development discontinued, project page deleted and current version doesn't work
  • too old to be useful, broken source link -- hm, what is USERNAME's opinion?
  • this package is no longer needed (see comments)

Template (TU)

For editing by TUs only! The wiki has a history so do not think you can get away with ignoring this... --Allan

Packages to Remove

In community:

Packages to Keep

Possible reasons

  • It is for compiling old stuff, lets keep it, does not harm
  • Seems to be actively maintained
  • Seems to be actively maintained, no reason to delete
  • Still useful, because ...
  • So this package should maybe be orphaned, no obvious reason to delete it
  • Needed by PACKAGENAME
  • Package has new and active maintainer
  • No reason to delete, actively maintained by USERNAME
  • No, it seems to be down sometimes, but sometimes it works again. Package is maintained and has votes
  • Should be rewritten, not dropped
  • Actively maintained
  • PKGBUILD is maintained and maintainer is active
  • I orphaned the package
  • It's not dead, it only needs some changes to work again
  • Package builds with little tweaking
  • Builds fine with a little patch in pkgrel N

Remove from Filesystem

There are files on the AUR filesystem that have been created when poorly formed packages were uploaded. This is a secondary consideration.

There are also directories in /packages/ for which the package no longer exists. These probably need to be removed as well. All the packages that moved to community ALSO still exist there.

List here files that are in directories of existing packages.

This script will take care of packages that no longer exist.

# Run this script by providing it with the top path of AUR.
# In that path you should see a file lib/
# This will remove files which belong to deleted packages.
# ex: php cleanup dev/aur/web
$dir = $argv[1];

if (empty($dir)) {
        echo "Please specify AUR directory.\n";

set_include_path(get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR . "$dir/lib");

exec('ls ' . INCOMING_DIR, $files);

$count = 0;

foreach ($files as $pkgname) {
        if (!package_exists($pkgname)) {
                echo 'Removing ' . INCOMING_DIR . "$pkgname\n";
                system('rm -r ' . INCOMING_DIR . $pkgname);

echo "\nRemoved $count directories.\n";