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bilibili, also known as "哔哩哔哩" or simply "B 站", is a barrage video website in mainland China, the website of Shanghai Oriental Media (Group) Co., Ltd., its predecessor is the video sharing website Mikufans. Mikufan was founded by ⑨bishi on June 26, 2009. ⑨bishi was originally an AcFun netizen. Since the AcFun website was unstable at the time, Mikufans was established to provide users with a stable barrage video sharing website. The website was renamed bilibili on January 24, 2010, and it has a barrage system different from video barrage sites such as AcFun.

The name bilibili comes from the banned book catalog of popular animation magic at that time and the nickname of Misaka Misaka, a character in a scientific super electromagnetic gun.

Play method

html5 play

Currently bilibili already supports HTML5 playback.

Use you-get and mpv

Install you-get and mpv.

First use you-get -u url to get to play streaming video address, url for the video playback page URL, and then use the following command to play the video:

mpv --no-ytdl --http-header-fields="referer:" video_url --audio-file audio_url

stream_url is the streaming media address obtained using you-get.

Tip: After configuring Hardware video acceleration , you can realize the hard solution to play the video of bilibili, reducing the CPU usage.

Other methods


Use you-get

Use this command to download:

you-get [url]  # url is the URL of the video playback page

Other methods