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In order to boot Arch Linux, a Linux-capable boot loader must be installed to the Master Boot Record or the GUID Partition Table. It is the first piece of software started by the BIOS or UEFI. It is responsible for loading the kernel with the wanted kernel parameters, and initial RAM disk before initiating the boot process.

Note: Loading Microcode updates requires adjustments in boot loader configuration. [1]

Partition table support

Name BIOS UEFI Dual-boot Notes
GRUB Yes Yes Yes On BIOS/GPT configuration requires GRUB BIOS boot partition.
systemd-boot No Yes Yes Cannot launch binaries from partitions other than ESP.
syslinux Yes Partial Partial No support for certain file system features [2]
rEFInd No Yes Yes
Clover No Yes Yes
LILO Yes No Unknown
GRUB Legacy Yes No Yes
NeoGRUB Yes No Yes

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