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Testing Overview

The intended purpose of the testing repo is to provide a staging area for packages to be placed prior to acceptance into the main repositories. Package maintainers (and general users) can then access these testing packages to make sure that there are no problems integrating the new package. Once a package has been tested and no errors are found, the package can then be moved to the primary repositories.

Not all packages need to go through this testing process, however all packages destined for [core] MUST go to testing first.

Packages that can affect many packages (such as perl or python) should be tested as well. Testing can also be used for large collections of packages such as GNOME and KDE.

WARNING: Developers must build their packages in a clean chroot to avoid providing packages that have linking/run-time dependencies on packages from the [testing] repository.

For detailed instructions on moving a package between testing and the main repositories, see DeveloperWiki:HOWTO Be A Packager