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Current setup

  • bbs
  • wiki
  • aur
  • mailman

  • mail
  • repos/rsync [turned off]

  • backups. still in use until nymeria/luna are turned off

  • releng stuff. no idea
  • tracker [turned off]

  • planet [turned off]
  • bugs [turned off]
  • archweb [turned off]
  • patchwork [turned off]
  • projects [turned off] [turned off] [turned off]


Desired setup (Intel Xeon E3-1245 2 x 3 TB 16GB ECC RAM)

  • backups [done] ([1])

  • bbs [wip]
  • wiki
  • aur
  • mailman
  • planet [done]
  • bugs [done]
  • archweb [done]
  • patchwork [wip]
  • projects
  • mail (uncertain. possibly better if mail is on orion so that not everything is on one box) ([2])

NOTE: Talk to heftig about server specs before ordering.

  • [done]
  • releng stuff. no idea
  • tracker. no idea (Intel Xeon E3-1245V2 32GB ECC 2x3TB)

  • repos/rsync [done]
  • sources [done]
  • archive

Plan of attack

  • Get new servers (2 px61-ssd)
  • Write ansible scripts for all services
  • Services are to be split into 2 servers so that one is the webhost with outside-facing stuff and one is for internal stuff
  • Delete all old stuff in the wiki about old setups

misc TODO

  • Run local resolving nameserver on mail server to make sure blacklist/whitelist checks are not blocked because the hetzner ns has hit some limits (install local unbound + change DNS in networkd file)
  • Set up email on vostok
  • Set up status backup checking script (ask Florian, simple find command) on vostok
  • Set up orion
    • Migrate archive from seblu's server
    • Set up automatic updates