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foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform. It offers extensive features and flexibility through a modular architecture as well as an excellent compatibility with wine.


Install Wine as described in Wine.

Install lib32-libpulse or lib32-alsa-lib and lib32-alsa-plugins from the Multilib repository to have foobar2000 to find the audio outputs. See foobar2000 in wine's appdb and Wine#Sound for details.

Download the lastest installer from and run:

$ wine ~/Downloads/foobar2000_v*.exe

to install foobar2000 in the defaut 64 bit wineprefix.

Starting Foobar2000

A .desktop entry is automatically created but you can also use:

$ wine "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000.exe"

Installing encoders

A pack of free audio encoders is provided by the foobar2000 devs and available here. It notably includes FLAC and MP3 (LAME) encoders, both working out-of-the-box.
Install using:

$ wine "$HOME/Downloads/Free_Encoder_Pack_*.exe"
Note: As the developers points out:
"Please note that this pack includes only encoders that we are legally allowed to distribute; that excludes AAC encoders (included AAC encoders require external applications providing actual encoding functionality)."

Adding Apple AAC and ALAC support

The AAC Apple encoder is considered as one of the best lossy encoder available [1] and is supported by most Digital Audio Players.
ALAC has a slight advantage over FLAC in terms of compression.

The following steps will give you functional Apple AAC and ALAC encoders without having to install iTunes (which doesn't work with wine anyway) or QuickTime, just by extracting and installing the required third party modules. [2]

Install the lastest version of the Free Encoder Pack for foobar2000 which includes qAAC

You need to download in the same folder:

  1. the lastest release of iTunes or QuickTime for Windows 64 bit,
  2. the archive provided by the qAAC developer,
  3. 7-Zip for Windows 64 bit.
Note: The following commands will assume you've downloaded everything in the "Program Files (x86)" folder of the default wineprefix.

Install 7-Zip:

$ wine "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/7z1700-x64.exe"

Then use:

$ wineconsole cmd

In the cmd terminal use :

$ cd "\<path to home>\.wine\drive_c\Program Files (x86)\"
$ makeportable.cmd
Note: Please note that in cmd the path is punctuated with backward slash "\" instead of forward slash "/".

Install the required third party modules:

$ wine msiexec /i "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/AppleApplicationSupport64.msi"

You've successfully added support for foobar2000's AAC & ALAC encoders to your wine environment.

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