HP Mini 311c

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Before installation

Before installation of archlinux you need to activate Wake On Lan on your BIOS , if you not make it, your ethernet controller not work on Linux if your ethernet cable is not connected on Windows


Installation on this computer is very similar to a standard archlinux installation, but you need to blacklist the b43 module, if you not make it, udev crash at reboot in your new OS, edit the /etc/rc.conf file with



Now you boot on your new archlinux, install wireless with the broadcom-wl package.

(WARNING : This module is not a free module but propietary) After installation edit your rc.conf, remove blacklisted module and add at MODULES line :

  MODULES=(lib80211 wl !b43 !ssb)

And restart If problem : If after restart your wirless don’t work, verify if wireless is activate (the orange led need to be blue)

Another device

Sound work out of box but i recommand install and use of PulseAudio ION is supported by nvidia drivers For get hardward acceleration working with mplayer, you need to get ffmpeg-vdpau and mplayer-svn from AUR