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Input devices

HP Pavilion dv6018 also worked here. This is a laptop for Latin America, so their keyboard layout is "la-latin1" on rc.conf and "latam" on xorg.conf.

To use sensor keys and remote control you need to set keyboard model in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

   Option "XkbModel" "hpzt11xx"

Add this command to some startup script, /etc/rc.local in Arch Linux:

   setkeycodes e008 221 e00e 226 e00c 213

And finally add these commands to startup of your windowmanager or desktop environment. I put them to ~/.xinitrc

   xmodmap -e "keycode 197 = XF86Pictures"
   xmodmap -e "keycode 237 = XF86Video"
   xmodmap -e "keycode 118 = XF86Music"

TODO: Add Fn+fx keys Remote control mimics keyboard, no additional software needed. Range is about 4 meters.


Only tried it with ndiswrapper, took the driver from the Windows Vista partition, works perfectly. Ethernet works too with the forcedeth driver and I think I'll never have the need to use the internal modem, but I think it's one of those that are only supported by linuxant, so it uses a propietary driver. (too much work for something that I'll never use)

Wireless card also works flawlessly with broadcom-wl module from the AUR.