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Notes: Sinhalese is an Indic language, this is not enough content to justify an article. (Discuss in Talk:Localization/Sinhalese#)

This article describes how to get Sinhalese Unicode support and Sinhalese Unicode input to work using IBus (sayura-ibus) or scim (sayura-scim).


For Sinhala support, you can install any of these fonts:

Guide to install Sinhala Unicode Font

Download http://sinhala.sourceforge.net/files/lklug.ttf and place it in /usr/share/fonts.

Then Run the following command

fc-cache -fv

And proceed to the below steps..


Edit /etc/locale.gen. Uncomment following line

si_LK UTF-8

Run following program


Immediately you'll be able to read Sinhala Unicode in your programs (If not You may need to restart the relavent programs. eg: Firefox)

Input methods


For Sinhala support on ibus install the following package

Logout from the current session and log in again after installing. After that, Sinhala input methods should be available on input method configuration panel.


The only packaged fcitx based input method for Sinhalese is fcitx-sayura for Fcitx.

While there are also ibus-sayura and scim-sayura, they are no longer in the AUR (albeit they can still be found in the AUR archive).

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