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Notes: Sinhalese is an Indic language, this is not enough content to justify an article. (Discuss in Talk:Localization/Sinhalese#)

This article describes how to get Sinhalese Unicode support and Sinhalese Unicode input to work using IBus (sayura-ibus) or scim (sayura-scim).


For Sinhala support, you can install any of these fonts:

Guide to install Sinhala Unicode Font

Download http://sinhala.sourceforge.net/files/lklug.ttf and place it in /usr/share/fonts.

Then Run the following command

fc-cache -fv

And proceed to the below steps..


Edit /etc/locale.gen. Uncomment following line

si_LK UTF-8

Run following program


Immediately you'll be able to read Sinhala Unicode in your programs (If not You may need to restart the relavent programs. eg: Firefox)

Input methods

The only packaged input method for Sinhalese is fcitx-sayura for Fcitx.

While there are also ibus-sayura and scim-sayura, they are no longer in the AUR (albeit they can still be found in the AUR archive).

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