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Warning: Do not expect full drop-in replacement and compatibility. Certain utilities may not exist and for those that do, there may be missing options. One purpose of this Wiki is to document missing features and the problems they cause (in order to device work-arounds). Make sure that the replacement(s) that you install fill your needs before proceeding.

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Reason: Last proper update was from 2011, so especially the "missing" sections should be checked (Discuss in Talk:BusyBox#)


Install busybox from the official repositories.

Busybox commands are symbolic links to /usr/bin/busybox and thus take very little space. This is especially interesting for low-footprint systems. Several packages in the AUR replace the GNU utilities with these symbolic links.


Minirc provides an init script compatible to busybox-init. See init for details.


busybox-coreutilsAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] is the busybox equivalent to GNU coreutils. Some commands lack options present in the corresponding coreutils binaries.

Space gain: 13.1 MB installed (coreutils)

Missing functionality

dircolors chcon csplit factor fmt join nl nproc paste pinky pr ptx runcon shuf stdbuf timeout truncate tsort users

Missing utilities mapped to corresponding Busybox functions or ash script files

dir --> ls
shred --> rm
vdir --> ls
link --> ln
unlink --> rm
sha224sum --> script: perl-digest-sha
sha256sum --> script: perl-digest-sha
sha384sum --> script: perl-digest-sha
sha512sum --> script: perl-digest-sha

Missing features that cause problems

readlink: missing option [-e, -m, -q or -s]


busybox-util-linuxAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] is the busybox equivalent to GNU util-linux.

Space gain: 7.5 MB installed (util-linux)

Missing utilities

arch findmnt lsblk agetty blkid cfdisk ctrlaltdel findfs fsck.cramfs fsfreeze fstrim mkfs mkfs.bfs mkfs.cramfs raw sfdisk swaplabel wipefs 
chkdupexe col colcrt colrm column cytune ddate fallocate i386 ionice ipcmk isosize line look lscpu mcookie namei pg rename scriptreplay setterm tailf taskset ul unshare uuidgen whereis write x86_64
addpart delpart ldattach partx tunelp uuidd


busybox-findutilsAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] is the busybox equivalent to GNU findutils.

Missing utilities



busybox-diffutilsAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] from the AUR offers functionality corresponding to the binaries found in GNU diffutils.

Space gain: 1.4 MB installed (diffutils)

Missing utilities

diff3 sdiff


See Gentoo wiki.