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Reason: Multiple AUR package links are broken. (Discuss in Talk:Mobile phone#)

This page is going to express how to connect your mobile device.


See Android.


You will need libimobiledevice-gitAUR and libgpod-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] compiled with afc support. You can use the ifuse-gitAUR to mount your iPod or if you use GNOME you can compile Gvfs with the option --with-afc [1].

For more info see the iPod page.


CDMA includes phones on Samsung, LG, Sanyo, and more.

Right now there is no easy way to use CDMA phones. The best option is Bitpim.

You can use the latest version of bitpim-releaseAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] for these phones. Make sure you run Bitpim as root and everything should work.

Samsung Galaxy SII

Here are the steps to mount a Samsung Galaxy SII from command line:

From the smart phone: Go to settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities.

Click on the "Connect storage to PC" icon.

Now, Plug the cable into the phone and to the computer.

You will get a new screen that says "USB Connected". Click the "Connect USB storage" icon.

You will get a new colored andoid screen showing that the USB mass storage is active.

Then the device could be mounted as USB storage devices.

Reverse out your steps when you unmount.

If you have some troubles, install go-mtpfsAUR[broken link: package not found]. For more detail, check go-mtpfs.