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Arch Linux is maintained by individuals of the following roles (among others):

Developers maintain the core and extra repositories, develop Arch projects and maintain the * servers.
Trusted User
Trusted Users maintain the AUR and the community repository.
Arch tester
The Arch Testing Team makes sure that packages submitted to the testing repositories are functional.
Arch security tracker
The Arch Security Team tracks security issues with packages on
Forum moderator
Forum moderators moderate the Arch Linux Forums.
IRC moderator
IRC channel operators moderate the main IRC channels.
ArchWiki maintainer
The ArchWiki Maintenance Team supervises and fixes the edits made in the ArchWiki.
ArchWiki translator
The ArchWiki Translation Teams translate the ArchWiki into other languages.

Package maintainer

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Notes: "Role" is used coloquially here; in particular, users registering to the AUR gain no special "role". Otherwise this section mostly duplicates the content above. (Discuss in Talk:Roles#)

The role of a package maintainer is to update packages as new versions become available upstream and to field support questions relating to bugs in said packages. The term applies to:

  • Developers who maintains packages in the official repositories (core, extra, or testing).
  • Trusted Users who maintain packages in the community repository.
  • Normal users who maintain packages in the AUR.

The maintainer of a package is the person currently responsible for the package. Previous maintainers should be listed as contributors in the PKGBUILD along with others who have contributed to the package.

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