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  • ...ct]] OCR programs on the Linux platform. With YAGF you can scan images via XSane, perform images preprocessing and recognize texts using cuneiform or tesser ...cquire images from a scanner into YAGF directly, you should install [[SANE|XSane]] software. And of course you will need {{Pkg|cuneiform}} or {{Pkg|tesserac
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  • ...|cuneiform]] en la plataforma Linux. Con YAGF puede escanear imágenes vía XSane, realizar el preprocesado de las imágenes y reconocer textos usando cuneif ...desde un escáner directamente, debe instalar el software [[SANE (Español)|XSane]]. Además tendrá que instalar {{Pkg|cuneiform}} para el reconocimiento de
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  • Seems (at least on x86-64) that some programs using libusb (noticeably xsane and kooka) need scanner group rw permissions also for accessing /proc/bus/u XSane provides a GTK-based frontend to Sane. It is available in the {{Ic|extra}}
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  • be easier to use and better integrated into the [[GNOME]] desktop than XSane. It was initially written for Ubuntu and is maintained by Robert Ancell of old but providing extended functionalities.||{{Pkg|xsane}}}}
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  • ...que (al menos en x86-64) algunos programas que utilizan libusb (sobretodo xsane y kooka) el grupo scanner también necesita permisos rw para acceder a /pro ...g_(Español)#Instalaci.C3.B3n_de_paquetes|instalarlo]] con el paquete {{Pkg|xsane}}, disponible en los [[Official repositories|repositorios oficiales]].
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  • ...almente un bug nel codice del kernel xHCI che causa il blocco del processo xsane quando è collegato lo scanner. Nel caso di una stampante Samsung multifunz Poi, quando si avvia xsane è possibile scegliere l' opzione di accesso tcp rete al posto della linea
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  • ...el > FAQs & Troubleshooting > Linux > Scanner / Scan Key Tool > Scan using XSane or GIMP''. You can also search the web. Or see the information below for mo === xsane crashes ===
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  • * [ Xsane]{{Dead link|2020|03|29|status=404}} can use ICC profiles for color-correcte
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  • * [ Xsane]{{Dead link (Русский)|2020|08|02|status=404}} может испол
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