TUXEDO Aura 15

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Device Status Comment
Video Working out-of-the-box
Ethernet Untested/should work ethernet over-usb works ootb
Card Reader Working out-of-the-box
Wireless Working out-of-the-box
4G/LTE Untested ?
Bluetooth Working out-of-the-box, stutter?
Audio Working out-of-the-box
Touchpad Working hid_multitouch
Webcam Working uvcvideo
Function/Multimedia Keys + backlight Working tuxedo_keyboard (from up-to-date source)
Fingerprint sensor Not working ?


Installation was uneventful, normal EFI installation. Kernel >= 5.7 is required for 4xxx-series AMD APUs, but shouldn't be an issue here.

Keyboard Backlight

TUXEDO Computers provides a driver for their models with RGB keyboard. TUXEDO Keyboard can be installed manually from source or from the tuxedo-keyboardAUR

The Aura 15 keyboard is supported since Version 3.0.0 of tuxedo-keyboard.

Fn Function Keys

Should any Fn function not work, installing the tuxedo-keyboard from source may help.

Power Management

TUXEDO Control Center

TUXEDO Computers provides their own Control Center named "TUXEDO Control Center" (short TCC). Install the tuxedo-control-centerAUR AUR Package if you want to.

TCC helps you to control power management presets, but only a handful of features are working for now for the Aura 15.


Works out of the box with the more efficient sleep mode.

 $ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep 
 s2idle [deep]

Manual Fan Control

As written in the manual, a very basic toggle is Fn + 1. If the TUXEDO Control Center is installed, this will be blocked as it provides a finer way to control the fans.



If you experience issues such as randomly driver changes, tap-to-click capabilities working randomly as a secondary symptom, creating a conf file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ with appropriate options may help.

Random bugs with bluetooth/audio

[more information needed, on kernel 5.19.14]

After reboots, I've experienced random glitches with my bluetooth connection (random audio 'skips') and touchpad. While I don't know the exact cause, (drivers entering an incorrect state on shutdown?), I've found and tested a solution:

Powering down, unplugged, for 1 min.