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Add zeitgeist to "Other broken modules"

JHBuild is set to use python2, but zeitgeist incorrectly calls python 3 even though python2 was found. I opened a bug for it:

Also, file data/ontology2code calls for python 3. In order to fix this, enter shell and run sed -i 's/env python$/&2/' data/ontology2code to replace python with python2. Then quit shell and re-run build phase.

How about adding this to JHBuild page in "Other broken modules" ?

-- josephgbr (2014-08-27 15:11 UTC)

I missed this earlier, sorry. It's a wiki, feel free to contribute as you like; no need to discuss on the Talk page first :)

-- KerrickStaley (talk) 06:48, 11 January 2015 (UTC)