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Two factor authentication

We have recently upgraded our Pulse Secure box at my company and have added two factor authentication. This is sadly nothing have gotten to work with my Arch 64bit installation. I followed some tips from this page: but it didn't work for me.

EDIT: I just downloaded the latest version of openconnect from their git and compiled it. Now it works!



I have added an alternative method I use to connect to my university's vpn for 64 bit Arch linux. Some dependencies on 32bit library seems to be needed, would appreciate some efforts in fishing that out

7-8-2011 Pok

Cleanup attempt

I cleaned up a bit (and learned something about templates and formatting, by the way), but I give up for now. Hopefully I can test the whole thing with my company's VPN in the next days.

Frank (talk) 22:02, 12 January 2015 (UTC)