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— I get an error when trying to do the TrackPoint Scrolling by `xinput set-prop "ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse" 288 0 0` as suggested on the page:

 X Error of failed request:  BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)
   Major opcode of failed request:  131 (XInputExtension)
   Minor opcode of failed request:  57 ()
   Serial number of failed request:  19
   Current serial number in output stream:  20

I have xorg-xinput installed. What more do I need to do?

— Try 0 0 1 instead of 0 0 0 (the page says 0 0 1):

 xinput set-prop "ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse" 288 0 0 1

— I tried that too, but get the same error.

— I think he refers to the libinput Scroll Methods Available property. It apparently doesn't have the same number every time. This is my working /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-trackpad.conf

 Section "InputClass"
     Identifier	"ThinkPad TrackPoint"
     MatchProduct	"ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse"
     MatchDevicePath	"/dev/input/event*"
     Option "ScrollMethod" "button"

— Oh, so obvious now that you say it. Yes, indeed it was the wrong property id. For me the command was `xinput set-prop 11 289 0 0 1`, so I assume the generic/semantic version would be:

 xinput set-prop "ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse" "libinput Scroll Method Enabled" 0 0 1

Fan at max speed after resume

Anyone else having this problem? There is already a thread in the forum: [1]

Should we update the compatibility table add a section to the page?

— Yeah, it's known. It's a kernel bug:

Hot plugging Thunderbolt dock

Ograf wrote:

"The dock works nearly perfect out of the box with Kernel 4.10.13. Even hot plugging works: unplugging the dock while a display is connected just lets all the devices disappear. Replugging it later works, all the USB devices come back up automagically, thought you might need to issue a xrandr to get the display showing again (tested with Xorg based i3 setup)."

This is however not the case for me. If I unplug the dock, neither Ethernet nor USB peripherals works until I reboot the system with the dock connected. Screens still work, at least after reactivating them via xrandr.

Can someone confirm what is the case for them? Can your dock be hot plugged without issues?

--Lindhe (talk) 08:28, 25 July 2017 (UTC)

I figured it out, and updated the Wiki accordingly. It was the Thunderbolt Security Level setting. Thunderbolt devices needs authorization before they can be used, apparently. Would be nice to find a way of authorizing it in the OS, since it's never a good practice to removing default security.

--Lindhe (talk) 10:21, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

I don't (yet) have a TB dock to test with, but this seems to describe the solution:

--Lannm (talk) 19:28, 14 September 2017 (UTC)

Touchpad Tap to Click Issues

Using tap-to-click on the touchpad under GNOME (Wayland) will frequently register single finger clicks as three finger clicks causing tab / terminals to be opened or closed or text to be pasted.

--Related to

Setting "Touchpad Click Method" to "Fingers" in gnome-tweak-tool seems to resolve the issue.