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Intention to update the Arch Oracle page

Hi, my intention is to gently start the update of Arch Wiki Oracle page. I already tried (with success) the installation and use of Oracle 12c RDBMS in Arch, using the updated Nederlands version of the wiki page.

-- Saverio 2016-11-08

> fs.file-max = 6553600 why not 65536?

Update coming

too many problems with this document

  • there is a newer oracle version, also the aur package for oracle is out of date
  • it's not necc. to write about installing the graphical environment
  • too many dependencies not needed, like rpm and ksh
  • sysctl section is missing sysctl -p, reboot is not necc. Not every value is correct.
  • how to create the init script is missing
  • strange chmod actions, and it's not a good idea to put oracle in sudoers like this

I am updating the dutch page right now

-- inktvis75 2012-04-17

AUR package rpm changes to rpm-org

There's no rpm package, it should be rpm-org.

--Adakbar (talk) 18:17, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

Fixed, thanks. — Kynikos (talk) 09:33, 23 January 2017 (UTC)