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If experiencing problems with fonts rendering properly inside snap packages, there is a known bug. The workaround:

  1. Install the old version of fontconfig from the Arch Linux Archive (as of this writing: 2.13.1+12+g5f5ec56-1). Version needs to be older than 2.13.91.
  2. Clean out the existing font cache:
    1. $ rm ~/.cache/fontconfig/*
    2. $ sudo rm /var/cache/fontconfig/*
    3. fc-cache -r
  3. Prevent upgrading fontconfig by mistake ... until Snap's installed version catches up.
    1. Edit /etc/pacman.conf
    2. Uncomment the IgnorePkg line and add fontconfig to it.
    3. Save

Dmgcontrol (talk) 22:25, 31 March 2020 (UTC)

Snap support in Gnome Software 3.38

In Gnome Software Center 3.38 I get a "Failed to install file: not supported". It looks like this was disabled last year:

Searches in pacman for plugins only point out a packagekit plugin, the AUR is the same. I see a plugin package over at Debian Buster so I think it does exist.

Should this section be struck from the page?

Bujiraso (talk) 11:24, 17 October 2020 (UTC)