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As I found no Information on this topic in the wiki, I created this simple page with some general information.

Up to now it's very ugly, so it would be kind if someone else with more knowledge could correct my many mistakes, couse I only wrote down the things as they appeared to me by reading here and there and testing (with medium success) on my own machine.

specifically i'm not sure if you have to load the modules tpm AND tpm_vendor or if tpm is already a vendor specific module?

As my original motivation came from wanting to protect my PGP-keys, I would be very pleased if someone could at least write if there is a reasonable possibility for an average command-line user to get this working probably.

As there don't seem to be many folx around here using tpm's, i did also email the aur maintainer of trousers.

I did also start a Forum-conversation about this. --Nonix 16:10, 19 April 2010 (EDT)