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Hm, I seem to have way better sound enabling OSS instead of ALSA in winecfg/Audio tab. With ALSA enabled, sound is stuttering and scratches/hangs a bit every 3 seconds...Any other people having this? BTW: My ALSA setup is taken from this wiki and I'm using ALSO OSS emulation hellwoofa 19:38, 24 May 2006 (EDT)

The written warning in this is not exactly up to date. There is a patch out to solving the AcceptEx failure. Yes, I know it will be an interesting challenge to explain to non-bash friendly users, however if I can get support that "Yeah, it's okay, go for it!" I can help update the article to the new fixes; I'm just not so sure if this is WANTED to be updated.  :/ Especially considering it does *not* involve Pacman, and is installing manually. If wanted, I can create a package for it, I just can't host my own repository for it. TravisB

Someone clean up the article. --warriant