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Enigmail is a Thunderbird extension that allows writing and receiving email signed and encrypted with the OpenPGP standard. It relies on the GnuPG.

Note: Enigmail functionality is integrated into Thunderbird 78.2.1, released on 2020-08-29.[1][2]


Install the thunderbird-extension-enigmail package.


Sharing the public key

To distribute the public key one may upload it to a keyserver.

Encrypting emails

Encryption does not always work properly with emails containing HTML. It is best to use plain text by choosing Options > Delivery Format > Plain Text Only in the new email window.

Once the email is finished it can be signed through the OpenPGP menu.

Decrypting emails

Assuming that the email was encrypted properly, just trying to open it should result in a pop-up asking to type in the keyphrase.

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