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The Tecra M4 is a convertible PC produced by Toshiba.

Mine includes 512MByte of RAM, 60Gbyte SATA-HDD, NVidia 6200 graphics card and a serial Wacom tablet.


Just boot the ArchLinux Installation disc and install the basics

Wireless drivers

This PC contains an intel wireless card, that is supported by the ipw2200 driver. See Wireless network configuration#ipw2100 and ipw2200.

Installing Wacom Tablet

See Wacom tablet.

Optimizing battery lifetime


Just install cpufrequtils


Optionally use PHC to undervolt the processor.

Mapping screen-key to something that makes sense

by default, the buttons on the screen return the combinations Super_L + [1-7] I prefer this tiny joystick to use as page up and page down - so I tried xmodmap

$ nano -w .Xmodmap

change the line of keycode 134 to

keycode 134 = Mode_switch NoSymbol Mode_switch NoSymbol Super_R

and the following lines:

keycode  10 = 1 exclam Prior Prior onesuperior exclamdown
keycode  11 = 2 quotedbl Next Next twosuperior oneeighth
keycode  12 = 3 section Prior Prior threesuperior sterling
keycode  13 = 4 dollar Next Next onequarter currency

that produces: tablet is landscape and orientation "normal" - joystick up -> page up, down -> page down tablet is portrait and orientation "left" - joystick up -> page up, down -> page down

Script for changing orientation


#### - A script for tablet PCs to rotate the display.

## This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.

## REQUIRES: linuxwacom (

#### Function(s)
function set_normal {
 xrandr -o normal
 xsetwacom set "stylus" Rotate NONE
 xsetwacom set "cursor" Rotate NONE
 xsetwacom set "eraser" Rotate NONE

function set_left {
 xrandr -o left
 xsetwacom set "stylus" Rotate CCW
 xsetwacom set "cursor" Rotate CCW
 xsetwacom set "eraser" Rotate CCW

#### Variable(s)
orientation="$(xrandr --query --verbose | grep '(normal left inverted right) 0mm x 0mm' | awk '{print $5}')"

#### Main
if [ "$orientation" = "normal" ]; then
elif [ "$orientation" = "right" ]; then
elif [ "$orientation" = "inverted" ]; then
elif [ "$orientation" = "left" ]; then
# chmod 0755 /usr/bin/rotate

I customized the given script a bit, because turning right and inverted made no sense for me. This script can now be used with gnome-keybinding-properties

What does not work

  • Mapping joystick to page_up/down AND using the rotate button in gnome-keybinding-properties at the same time.
  • Sound does work, if you reload the snd_intel8x0 module after boot - do not know why.