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I'm Acceleration` on freenode.


Smooth backlight transition


for user in $(who | cut -d" " -f1);
    sudo -u $user xbacklight -set $1 -display :0;

Pentium II tips and tricks

User experience fiddling around with Arch Linux on my vintage Pentium II workstation.

Warning: Take this with a pinch of salt. Sway the advice to help yourself. This is a work-in-progress bundle of tips.

Yes, Arch Linux will run on a Pentium II 233. Yes, you can develop on it too.

Enable "i8042" and "atkbd" in mkinitcpio if you want to use PS/2 peripherals. There are Xorg video packages out there for legacy GPUs.

Swap space

Make your swap partition small, about 256MB is enough for Xfce.

I do not recommend you do this on a modern PC.

Yamaha OPL2/OPL3

The aplaymidi program seems to sputter out on my Crystal CS4236 (Yamaha OPL3 compatible chip) if you play certain stuff like passport.mid. In that case, a restart should help.

Browsing the web

Use elinks or Firefox. Firefox will be really slow. distcc a no-SSE2 build of a featherweight web browser if you want.