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Name Website Description Released License Package
aisleriot A collection of patience games written in guile scheme GPL aisleriot
allegro4 Portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming (legacy version) custom allegro4
apricots A simple 2D flying/bombing game similar to basic side scrollers GPL apricots
bullet A 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games and animation custom:zlib bullet
bzflag Multiplayer 3D tank battle game LGPL bzflag
fltk-games blocks, checkers and sudoku custom:LGPL fltk-games
foobillard++ An OpenGL billiard game GPL2 foobillard++
freeciv A multiuser clone of the famous Microprose game of Civilization GPL freeciv
frozen-bubble A game in which you throw colorful bubbles and build groups to destroy the bubbles GPL2 frozen-bubble
glhack A port of Nethack, a single player dungeon exploration game in 2D custom glhack
gnome-chess Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess GPL gnome-chess
gnugo Program that plays the game of Go GPL3 custom gnugo
gweled A puzzle game similar to Bejeweled (aka Diamond Mine) GPL gweled
kde-meta-kdegames Meta package for kdegames GPL kde-meta-kdegames
kdeedu-blinken Memory Enhancement Game GPL LGPL FDL kdeedu-blinken
kdeedu-kanagram Letter Order Game GPL LGPL FDL kdeedu-kanagram
kdeedu-khangman Hangman Game GPL LGPL FDL kdeedu-khangman
kdeedu-pairs A memory and pairs game for KDE GPL LGPL FDL kdeedu-pairs
kdegames-bomber A single player arcade game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-bomber
kdegames-bovo A Gomoku like game for two players GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-bovo
kdegames-granatier A clone of the classic Bomberman game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-granatier
kdegames-kajongg The ancient Chinese board game for 4 players GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kajongg
kdegames-kapman A clone of the well known game Pac-Man GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kapman
kdegames-katomic A fun and educational game built around molecular geometry GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-katomic
kdegames-kblackbox A game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kblackbox
kdegames-kblocks The classic falling blocks game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kblocks
kdegames-kbounce A single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kbounce
kdegames-kbreakout A Breakout-like game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kbreakout
kdegames-kdiamond A single player puzzle game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kdiamond
kdegames-kfourinline A four-in-a-row game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kfourinline
kdegames-kgoldrunner A game of action and puzzle solving GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kgoldrunner
kdegames-kigo An open-source implementation of the popular Go game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kigo
kdegames-killbots A simple game of evading killer robots GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-killbots
kdegames-kiriki An addictive and fun dice game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kiriki
kdegames-kjumpingcube A simple tactical game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kjumpingcube
kdegames-klickety An adaptation of the Clickomania game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-klickety
kdegames-klines A simple but highly addictive, one player game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-klines
kdegames-kmahjongg A tile matching game for one or two players GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kmahjongg
kdegames-kmines The classic Minesweeper game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kmines
kdegames-knavalbattle A ship sinking game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-knavalbattle
kdegames-knetwalk Connect all the terminals to the server, in as few turns as possible GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-knetwalk
kdegames-kolf A miniature golf game with 2d top-down view GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kolf
kdegames-kollision A simple ball dodging game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kollision
kdegames-konquest The KDE version of Gnu-Lactic GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-konquest
kdegames-kpatience Offers a selection of solitaire card games GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kpatience
kdegames-kreversi A simple one player strategy game played against the computer GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kreversi
kdegames-kshisen A solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kshisen
kdegames-ksirk A computerized version of a well known strategy game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-ksirk
kdegames-ksnakeduel A simple snake duel game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-ksnakeduel
kdegames-kspaceduel Each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbiting the sun GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kspaceduel
kdegames-ksquares A modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of Dots and Boxes GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-ksquares
kdegames-ksudoku A logic-based symbol placement puzzle GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-ksudoku
kdegames-ktuberling A simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-ktuberling
kdegames-kubrick Based on the famous Rubik's Cube GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-kubrick
kdegames-lskat Lieutenant Skat is a fun and engaging card game for two players GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-lskat
kdegames-palapeli A single-player jigsaw puzzle game GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-palapeli
kdegames-picmi A nonogram logic game for KDE GPL LGPL FDL kdegames-picmi
kobodeluxe An enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo, an addictive space shoot'em up GPL LGPL kobodeluxe
libgme Video game music file emulation/playback library LGPL libgme
libkdegames Common code and data for many KDE games GPL LGPL FDL libkdegames
libkmahjongg Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles GPL LGPL FDL libkmahjongg
liquidwar A unique multiplayer wargame GPL liquidwar
neverball 3D game similar to Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness GPL neverball
pathological A puzzle game with the same feel as frozen bubble GPL pathological
python2-pygame Python game library LGPL python2-pygame
quadrapassel Fit falling blocks together (Tetris-like game for GNOME) GPL quadrapassel
tali Beat the odds in a poker-style dice game GPL tali
texlive-games TeX Live - Setups for typesetting various board games, including chess GPL texlive-games
xbill A game that tests your reflexes as you seek and destroy all forms of Bill GPL xbill
xmahjongg Mahjongg game for X-Window GPL xmahjongg
0ad Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game GPL2 CCPL 0ad
0ad-data Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game (data files) GPL2 CCPL 0ad-data
abuse Side-scroller action game that pits you against ruthless alien killers GPL custom abuse
alienarena Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game GPL alienarena
alienarena-data Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game (data files) GPL alienarena-data
allegro Portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming custom allegro
angband A roguelike dungeon exploration game based on the writings of JRR Tolkien GPL2 custom angband
barrage A violent point-and-click shooting game with nice effects GPL barrage
blobby2 A beach ball game with blobs of goo GPL blobby2
blobwars Platform action game featuring a blob wih lot of weapons GPL blobwars
blobwars-data Platform action game featuring a blob wih lot of weapons - data files GPL blobwars-data
bomberclone Clone of the game AtomicBomberMan GPL bomberclone
box2d 2D rigid body simulation library for games zlib box2d
bsd-games A linux port for a collection of BSD command line games. BSD bsd-games
btanks Fast 2d tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes. GPL btanks
btanks-data Fast 2d tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes. GPL btanks-data
caph Sandbox game based on physics which uses doodles as a primary gameplay element GPL caph
ccgo Play the game of Go with gnugo or against other players on IGS GPL ccgo
clanlib A multi-platform game development library. zlib clanlib
critter Critical Mass (aka Critter) is an SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game GPL critter
curseofwar Fast-paced RTS/Action game with ncurses interface GPL curseofwar
cuyo Tetris-style puzzle game for up to two players with a twist GPL cuyo
dolphin-emu A Gamecube / Wii / Triforce emulator GPL2 dolphin-emu
dopewars A drug dealing game set in New York GPL dopewars
dosbox Emulator with builtin DOS for running DOS Games GPL dosbox
enigma Enigma is a puzzle game involving falling blocks custom enigma
extremetuxracer Downhill racing game starring Tux GPL extremetuxracer
fillets-ng Port of the wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets GPL fillets-ng
fillets-ng-data Data files for the port of the wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets GPL fillets-ng-data
fortune-mod The Fortune Cookie Program from BSD games BSD fortune-mod
freecol A turn-based strategy game based on Colonization GPL freecol
freedroid a clone of the classic game 'Paradroid' on Commodore 64 GPL freedroid
freedroidrpg a mature science fiction role playing game set in the future GPL freedroidrpg
frogatto An old-school 2d platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog GPL frogatto
frogatto-data An old-school 2d platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog (data files) custom frogatto-data
gambas3-gb-opengl-sge Simple OpenGL game engine component GPL2 gambas3-gb-opengl-sge
gbrainy A brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained GPL2 gbrainy
glob2 RTS game which minimizes micro-management GPL3 glob2
gluon A free and open source platform for creating and distributing games LGPL gluon
gnome-hearts A card game for GNOME GPL gnome-hearts
gnujump A clone of the simple yet addictive game Xjump GPL3 gnujump
gtkballs clone of Lines - logic game about balls GPL gtkballs
guichan A portable C++ GUI library designed for games using Allegro, SDL and/or OpenGL. BSD guichan
hawknl An open source game oriented network API LGPL hawknl
hedgewars turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space. GPL custom hedgewars
hex-a-hop Hex-a-hop is a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles GPL hex-a-hop
hitori GTK+ application to generate and let you play games of Hitori GPL hitori
instead-launcher launcher and games downloader for INSTEAD quest interpreter GPL instead-launcher
kcheckers Qt4-based checkers boardgame GPL kcheckers
lbreakout2 A breakout game with nice effects, graphics, and sounds GPL lbreakout2
lincity-ng A city simulation game GPL custom lincity-ng
love An open-source 2D game engine which uses the versatile Lua scripting language to create dynamic gaming experiences zlib love
love08 An open-source 2D game engine which uses the versatile Lua scripting language to create dynamic gaming experiences zlib love08
mahjong The classical game of Mah Jong (not the solitare version) with network support GPL custom mahjong
mari0 The Mario game with Portal gun mechanics CCPL mari0
megaglest Fork of Glest, a 3D real-time strategy game in a fantastic world GPL3 megaglest
megaglest-data Fork of Glest, a 3D real-time strategy game in a fantastic world (data files) custom:CCBYSA3.0 megaglest-data
minetest An Infiniminer/Minecraft inspired game GPL minetest
mythplugins-mythgame Game emulator plugin for MythTV GPL mythplugins-mythgame
naev 2D action/rpg space game GPL3 naev
naev-data 2D action/rpg space game (data files) GPL3 naev-data
nethack A single player dungeon exploration game custom nethack
openmw An open-source engine reimplementation for the role-playing game Morrowind GPL3 MIT custom openmw
paintown Open source fighting game in the same genre as Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GPL paintown
performous A free game like "Singstar", "Rockband" or "Stepmania" GPL performous
performous-freesongs A collection of free songs for performous game GPL CCPL performous-freesongs
pingus A Lemmings clone, i.e. a level-based puzzle game. GPL pingus
plib Set of libraries to write games and other realtime interactive applications custom:LGPL plib
pokerth Poker game written in C++/Qt4 GPL custom pokerth
pysolfc PySol (Fan Club edition) is an exciting collection of more than 1000 solitaire games GPL3 pysolfc
rocksndiamonds game similiar to Boulderdash with lots of levels GPL rocksndiamonds
rocksndiamonds-data rockndiamonds game data and levels GPL rocksndiamonds-data
rogue The original dungeon crawl game. custom rogue
scorched3d 3D artillery combat game GPL scorched3d
scratch Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art GPL2 scratch
scummvm A 'virtual machine' for several classic graphical point-and-click adventure games. GPL scummvm
scummvm-tools A set of tools that enable you to convert, compress and decode game datafiles for ScummVM GPL scummvm-tools
simgear A set of open-source libraries designed to be used as building blocks for quickly assembling 3d simulations, games, and visualization applications. GPL simgear
simutrans An open source transportation simulation game PerlArtistic simutrans
singularity Strategy game - simulation of true AI GPL2 custom singularity
slimevolley A simple yet fun arcade volley game GPL slimevolley
spring A free 3D real-time-strategy (RTS) game engine GPL spring
spring-1944 A WWII themed game with four fully functional sides (US, Germany, USSR, Britain), period-accurate units and strengths GPL spring-1944
stone-soup Open-source, single-player, role-playing roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting custom stone-soup
stuntrally Stunt Rally game with track editor, based on VDrift GPL3 stuntrally
stuntrally-data Stunt Rally game with track editor, based on VDrift (data files) GPL3 stuntrally-data
supertux A classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original SuperMario games GPL supertux
supertuxkart Kart racing game featuring Tux and his friends GPL2 supertuxkart
vbam-cli Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator - SDL version GPL2 vbam-cli
vbam-gtk Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator - GTK version GPL2 vbam-gtk
vbam-wx Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator - wx version GPL2 vbam-wx
vor Classic spaceship versus asteroid field arcade game GPL vor
warmux A clone of the worms game GPL warmux
warmux-data A clone of the worms game - data files GPL warmux-data
warzone2100 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth GPL warzone2100
wesnoth A turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world GPL wesnoth
wesnoth-data A turn-based strategy game on a fantasy world (data files) GPL wesnoth-data
widelands A realtime strategy game with emphasis on economy and transport GPL widelands
xmoto A challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an important role. GPL xmoto
xpacman X pacman game (use z x / ' q keys) custom xpacman
xpacman2 another X pacman game GPL xpacman2
zaz Puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets. GPL3 custom:CCBYSA zaz
dwarffortress A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. custom:dwarffortress dwarffortress
0ad-svn Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game 2009 GPL2 CCPL 0ad-svnAUR
0ad-svn-bin Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game (openSUSE SVN prebuilt) 2012 GPL2 CCPL 0ad-svn-binAUR
0verkill Bloody 2D online deathmatch game created in ASCII-ART 2007 GPL 0verkillAUR
0verkill-git Bloody 2D action deathmatch-like game in ASCII-ART 2013 GPL 0verkill-gitAUR
2048-git Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! 2014 MIT 2048-gitAUR
2048-qt The 2048 number game implemented in Qt 2014 MIT 2048-qtAUR
2048.c A terminal 2048 written in c 2014 MIT 2048.cAUR
2048.c-git Console version of the game '2048' for GNU/Linux 2014 MIT 2048.c-gitAUR
2299thegame An old-school, point and click adventure game with 8-bit inspired, retro graphics. 2012 custom:GLL 2299thegameAUR
2h4u A mix between a Tetris-like game and a wall breaker 2009 GPL 2h4uAUR
3dchess An opensource 3d Chess game for X11. 96 pieces, 26 possible directions. 2010 GPL 3dchessAUR
3dmaze Maze Generator with 3d Walk Through 2012 GPL 3dmazeAUR
3dpong one- or two-player, three dimensional sports game, based on Pong 2006 GPL 3dpongAUR
4dtris A tetris game extended to 4 dimensions 2008 GPL 4dtrisAUR
555-boom A Puzzle Game and Electromechanical Sandbox 2009 GPL 555-boomAUR
7kaa Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game developed by Trevor Chan 2010 GPL2 7kaaAUR
7kaa-music Music set for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries 2011 custom 7kaa-musicAUR
8kingdoms A 3D turn-based fantasy strategy game in which players become kings 2009 GPL 8kingdomsAUR
a7xpg An addictive game by Kenta Cho. Collect gold with your ship and avoid the enemies! 2007 custom a7xpgAUR
abandonia-menu A desktop menu class to organize all games from Abandonia 2011 custom-freeware Abandonware abandonia-menuAUR
abbaye-des-morts An obsolete videogame for a dark passage of history. 2013 GPL3 abbaye-des-mortsAUR
abe Scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game 2013 GPL abeAUR
abuledu-aller Help children to learn reading (french) 2009 GPL abuledu-allerAUR
abuledu-anouslesnombres Math learning application from Leterrier (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-anouslesnombresAUR
abuledu-associations Help children make mental associations, pictures/words and pictures/sounds (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-associationsAUR
abuledu-calculreflechi Number learning application from Leterrier (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-calculreflechiAUR
abuledu-calculs Calcul practicing from Leterrier (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-calculsAUR
abuledu-chemin Sightings in space (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-cheminAUR
abuledu-labyrinthe Sightings in space II (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-labyrintheAUR
abuledu-leterrier Common files for Leterrier applications (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-leterrierAUR
abuledu-mulot A mouse-training tool for young children (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-mulotAUR
abuledu-operations Maths operations from LeTerrier (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-operationsAUR
abuledu-suites Numbers suites in mathematics (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-suitesAUR
abuledu-symcolor Mirror drawings from Leterrier (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-symcolorAUR
abuledu-tableaux School program to manipulate double arrays (in french) 2009 GPL abuledu-tableauxAUR
ace-of-penguins A set of Unix/X solitaire games. 2008 GPL ace-of-penguinsAUR
achron Time travel RTS 2011 custom: commercial achronAUR
acm A classic multiplayer flight simulator for Unix/X11 2012 GPL acmAUR
acm-5.0-ico A fork of the ACM flight simulator 2012 GPL acm-5.0-icoAUR
acnchess another Chinese chess game coded by Alf 2009 GPLv2 acnchessAUR
adanaxis-gpl-deb A deep space first-person shooter game in four spatial dimensions (GPL version) 2012 GPL adanaxis-gpl-debAUR
adminbuddy-mc Desktop client for the Bukkit plugin AdminBuddy 2014 GPL3 adminbuddy-mcAUR
adom A roguelike game with a quest-centric, plot driven structure 2007 custom: adom adomAUR
adom-noteye A roguelike game with a quest-centric, plot driven structure 2013 custom: adom adom-noteyeAUR
adom-noteye-restricted A roguelike game with a quest-centric, plot driven structure 2013 custom: adom adom-noteye-restrictedAUR
adom-restricted A roguelike game with a quest-centric, plot driven structure 2012 custom: adom adom-restrictedAUR
adonthell A 2D graphical, single player role playing game engine 2007 GPL adonthellAUR
adonthell-git A 2D graphical, single player role playing game engine 2010 GPL adonthell-gitAUR
adonthell-tools-git Game development tools (dialog, map, object & quest editors) for the 2D RPG engine Adonthell 2010 GPL adonthell-tools-gitAUR
adonthell-wastesedge The official Adonthell RPG package 2007 GPL2 adonthell-wastesedgeAUR
adv770 770 points version of Adventure 2009 unknown adv770AUR
adventuregamestudio-git Native port of the Adventure Game Studio engine to Linux (git version) 2012 Custom adventuregamestudio-gitAUR
afternoonstalker Afternoon Stalker is a clone of the 1981 Intellivision game Night Stalker. 2010 GPL afternoonstalkerAUR
ags-git Adventure Game Studio, a development tool that is primarily used to create graphical adventure games 2012 Artistic2.0 ags-gitAUR
ahorcapy a Hangman game version 2012 GPL3 ahorcapyAUR
airhockey-git multi)-player game written in OpenGL (single 2012 GPL
airstrike 2d biplane dogfight game in the tradition of the Intellivision and Amiga games 'Biplanes' and 'BIP' 2007 GPL airstrikeAUR
akaneiro Akaneiro game launcher 2013 custom akaneiroAUR
akfavatar A GUI for applications, where an avatar tells things to the user 2008 GPL3 akfavatarAUR
alcarys-complex-trial An action-RPG style adventure (trial version) 2014 custom:Commercial alcarys-complex-trialAUR
alephone A free, enhanced port of the classic FPS 2006 GPL3 alephoneAUR
alephone-emr 2007 GPL alephone-emrAUR
alephone-eternalx A free scenario for Aleph One that continues the story of the Marathon trilogy 2008 unknown alephone-eternalxAUR
alephone-evil A radical new scenario for the AlephOne engine 2009 unknown alephone-evilAUR
alephone-infinity Marathon Infinity scenario data files for Aleph One 2007 custom alephone-infinityAUR
alephone-marathon Marathon 1 scenario data files for Aleph One 2009 custom alephone-marathonAUR
alephone-marathon2 Marathon 2 scenario data files for Aleph One 2007 custom alephone-marathon2AUR
alephone-red An AlephOne scenario set in a dark alternate version of the Marathon universe 2009 unknown alephone-redAUR
alephone-rubiconx A free first person shooter that continues the story of Bungie's Marathon trilogy 2007 unknown alephone-rubiconxAUR
alephone-svn A free, enhanced port of the classic FPS 2011 GPL3 alephone-svnAUR
alephone-tempus_irae A new AlephOne scenario set in the Marathon universe 2009 unknown alephone-tempus_iraeAUR
alex4 Help Alex the Allegator rescue Lola before the humans make a pair of shoes out of her! 2011 GPL2 alex4AUR
alienarena-svn Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game based on Quake3 2008 GPL alienarena-svnAUR
alienblaster Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game with Fedora's patches 2011 GPL alienblasterAUR
aliensrl Based on the Aliens movie and from the creator of DoomRL. 2011 unknown aliensrlAUR
allacrost A single player 2D role-playing game inspired by classic console RPGs 2007 GPL2 allacrostAUR
allacrost-svn A single player 2D role-playing game inspired by classic console RPGs 2011 GPL2 allacrost-svnAUR
alykraft Alykraft french community minecraft launcher 2013 unknown alykraftAUR
amidst Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking 2013 GPL3 amidstAUR
amnesia-demo Demo version of 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent', a horror adventure game 2010 custom amnesia-demoAUR
amnesia-tdd A game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. 2011 custom amnesia-tddAUR
amoebax A cute and addictive action-puzzle game 2007 GPL amoebaxAUR
among-the-sleep First person horror adventure in which you play a two year old child. You wake up in your crib at night, and scary things start to happen. You soon realize you need to find some safety. 2013 custom among-the-sleepAUR
an Anagram Generator 2009 GPL2 anAUR
anagramarama A cross-platform multilingual anagram finding game 2009 GPL anagramaramaAUR
analogue Analogue: A Hate Story 2012 custom analogueAUR
anathema An Exalted toolkit, offering basic character generation & campaign management functions. 2006 GPL anathemaAUR
andyetitmoves A physics-based platform game. 2010 custom andyetitmovesAUR
andyetitmoves-demo physics-based platform game (demo) 2010 custom:shareware andyetitmoves-demoAUR
angband-git A roguelike dungeon-exploration game based on Tolkien's books 2010 GPL2 custom angband-gitAUR
angolmois BM98-like rhythm game which supports the so-called BMS format for playing 2014 GPL angolmoisAUR
angryanimals Launch the animals into the building to destroy it! (Angry Birds-like game) 2011 custom angryanimalsAUR
angrydd 2006 GPL custom angryddAUR
anigma-git A colourful arcade logic game - also known as puzz-le (development version) 2009 BSD anigma-gitAUR
animonstres A roguelike in which you fight with the magical beasts you catch. 2012 EUPL animonstresAUR
ankama-transition Updater for Ankama games Dofus and Wakfu 2013 custom ankama-transitionAUR
annchienta An Object-Oriented 2D RPG engine written mostly in C++ 2008 GPL annchientaAUR
anodyne-hib A top-down action-adventure game 2013 custom anodyne-hibAUR
anomaly Tower Offense at its best! (requires copy of the full game) 2012 custom anomalyAUR
antichamber A mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted 2014 unknown antichamberAUR
antigravitaattori a multiplayer flying saucer racing game 2009 GPL-2 antigravitaattoriAUR
anura-citadel-git A turn based strategy game based on the Anura engine 2013 custom anura-citadel-gitAUR
anura-git A fully-featured game engine, the tech behind the spectacular Frogatto & Friends. 2013 GPL anura-gitAUR
aoe-soundboard A soundboard that uses the taunts from the game Age of Empires 2 2014 GPL aoe-soundboardAUR
aop Ambassador of Pain, a curses-based arcade game in only 64 lines of C code 2013 GPL2 aopAUR
applebloom Apple Bloom the pony dictionary 2013 AGPL3 applebloomAUR
aquaria-data-hib A 2D fantasy action-adventure game (Humble Bundle version; game data only) 2013 custom: commercial aquaria-data-hibAUR
aquaria-git A 2D fantasy action-adventure game (improved Open Source build of the engine) 2013 GPL aquaria-gitAUR
aquaria-hib A 2D fantasy underwater action-adventure game (Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom:commercial aquaria-hibAUR
aquesttoofar Roguelike where you play a veteran adventurer, fighting despite his age and poor health. 2010 GPL3 aquesttoofarAUR
ar-breakout An augmented reality breakout clone. 2011 LGPL ar-breakoutAUR
arabianknight Chess engine with its own GUI written in java 2013 freeware arabianknightAUR
archbest-mod1 The Arch is the best program produces a arch-friendly greeting, English and Chinese only 2013 custom:WTFPL archbest-mod1AUR
ardentryst An action/RPG sidescoller with a focus on story and character development 2009 GPL3 CCPL ardentrystAUR
arena The Elder Scrolls I: Arena 2011 custom:arena arenaAUR
arkanae3_2d Jeu de ru00f4les / aventure libre en 3D (only in French) 2009 GPL arkanae3_2dAUR
arkanoid Breakout game (uses DOSBox) 2011 custom arkanoidAUR
arkanoidsb Arkanoid: Space Ball 2009 custom arkanoidsbAUR
armagetronad-dedicated A Tron Clone in 3D - dedicated server version 2013 GPL armagetronad-dedicatedAUR
armagetronad-experimental A Tron Clone in 3D - experimental 0.4 snapshot 2014 GPL armagetronad-experimentalAUR
armagetronad-svn A Tron Clone in 3D - svn version 2011 GPL armagetronad-svnAUR
armyops America's Army tactical FPS 2005 custom armyopsAUR
arx-fatalis-data-copy Arx Fatalis game data from existing win32 installation 2012 custom:commercial arx-fatalis-data-copyAUR
arx-fatalis-data-demo Arx Fatalis game data from official free demo 2012 custom:freeware arx-fatalis-data-demoAUR
arx-fatalis-data-gog Arx Fatalis game data from installer 2012 custom:commercial arx-fatalis-data-gogAUR
arx-git Cross-platform port of Arx Fatalis. 2011 GPL3 arx-gitAUR
arx-libertatis Cross-platform port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game (executables only) 2012 GPL3 arx-libertatisAUR
asc Advanced Strategic Command is a turn based strategy game in the tradition of the Battle Isle series. 2005 GPL ascAUR
ascendancy-non-us Science fiction turn-based strategy game (for non US versions, uses DOSBox, CD-ROM required) 2011 custom ascendancy-non-usAUR
ascendancy-us Science fiction turn-based strategy game (for US versions, uses DOSBox, CD-ROM required) 2011 custom ascendancy-usAUR
ascension-log-visualizer Tool to visualize and analyze ascensions in the adventure game Kingdom of Loathing 2011 MIT ascension-log-visualizerAUR
ascii-invaders Clone of Space Invaders for text-terminals using the curses library 2007 GPL2 ascii-invadersAUR
asciijump An ASCII-art game about ski jumping 2012 GPL asciijumpAUR
asciiplanes Find the planes' positions on a grid. (text-based game) 2013 GPLv3 asciiplanesAUR
asciiportal Text based puzzle game inspired by the popular video game 2009 MIT asciiportalAUR
asciiportal-git Text based puzzle game inspired by the popular video game. 2011 GPL asciiportal-gitAUR
asciisec SDL roguelike with a 'Wing Commander: Privateer' theme 2008 custom:freeware_with_limitations asciisecAUR
asd-tower-defense tower defense game 2010 GPL asd-tower-defenseAUR
asgp-git An open source shooter on rails game developed by Stuff-O-Matic. 2013 GPL3 CCPL asgp-gitAUR
asr-manpages A set of humorous manual pages developed on alt.sysadmin.recovery 2006 custom asr-manpagesAUR
assaultcube-reloaded AssaultCube Reloaded 2012 GPL3 assaultcube-reloadedAUR
assol A Slower Speed of Light: a special relativity's effects simulation 2013 custom assolAUR
asteroid Modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids, using OpenGL and GLUT. 2012 GPL3 asteroidAUR
asteroid-git A modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids 2012 GPLv3 asteroid-gitAUR
astrolog An Astrology program that can draw various charts. 2009 Freeware astrologAUR
astromenace-de Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities. German version 2009 GPL3 astromenace-deAUR
astromenace-ru Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities. Russian version 2008 GPL3 astromenace-ruAUR
astropong Jeu de pong u00e0 plusieurs balles. 2012 BSD astropongAUR
asylum A platform shooter set in the surreal world of an instable mind 2009 GPL3 Public Domain asylumAUR
atari-adventure The original Adventure game for the old Atari 2600 game console 2009 unknown atari-adventureAUR
atari-bowling The original Bowling game for the old Atari 2600 game console 2012 unknown atari-bowlingAUR
atari-breakout The original Breakout game for the old Atari 2600 game console 2012 unknown atari-breakoutAUR
atari-combat The original Combat game for the old Atari 2600 game console 2012 unknown atari-combatAUR
atari-space-invaders The original Space Invaders game for the old Atari 2600 game console 2012 unknown atari-space-invadersAUR
atd-demo Demo of Airline Tycoon Deluxe for Linux 2013 custom atd-demoAUR
atlauncher The ATLauncher Minecraft mod pack manager and launcher. 2013 CCPL atlauncherAUR
atomix A puzzle game in which full molecules have to be built 2010 GPL atomixAUR
atomzombiesmasher RTS, evacuating civilians out of zombie-contaminated cities. (Commercial) 2011 custom:commercial atomzombiesmasherAUR
atomzombiesmasher-hib RTS, evacuating civilians out of zombie-contaminated cities. (Commercial) 2013 custom:commercial atomzombiesmasher-hibAUR
atrinik-client-devel 2D MORPG based on Daimonin and Crossfire 2010 GPL atrinik-client-develAUR
atris A tetris clone with a lot of cool features 2006 GPL atrisAUR
atris-sounds Optional sound effects for Atris 2010 GPL atris-soundsAUR
auralquiz a simple music quiz game, using your own music files. 2011 GPL auralquizAUR
auralquiz-dev git:// A simple music quiz game for GNU/Linux, using your own music files.Based on Qt and Phonon. 2011 GPL auralquiz-devAUR
auteria A Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. 2013 custom auteriaAUR
avadon-hb Avadon: The Black Fortress (Humble Bundle copy required) 2012 custom:commercial avadon-hbAUR
avanor A feature rich fantasy roguelike game with an easy ADOM-like user interface 2006 GPL2 avanorAUR
avirusnamedtom-hib A Virus Named TOM, a fast-paced action-puzzler (Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom: commercial avirusnamedtom-hibAUR
avoision A simple arcade-style game 2010 GPL avoisionAUR
awesomenauts-hib A 3vs3 multiplayer platform shooter 2013 unknown awesomenauts-hibAUR
awextract http://nothing.i/made/this/script/: Extract .wav files from .aw files in Nintendo Wii game disks 2011 GPL awextractAUR
awish Rewrite of the old MS-DOS game Avish 2012 GPL3 awishAUR
awish-data Rewrite of the old MS-DOS game Avish (original data-files) 2012 custom:abandonware awish-dataAUR
awish-git Rewrite of the old MS-DOS game Avish (GIT-version) 2012 GPL3 awish-gitAUR
ayim-demo Platform Puzzle game 2010 custom: commercial ayim-demoAUR
baad Extracts various sections from the Twilight Princess Z2Sound.baa file 2011 GPL baadAUR
babe Game: don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story 2012 CC BY-NC-SA babeAUR
babel-if The Treaty of Babel analysis tool for interactive fiction files. 2009 creative-commons-by babel-ifAUR
babylon An implementation of a simple 2-player board game 2010 GPL babylonAUR
baggle-client A software to play the french boggle through the network and the internet (client) 2010 GPL baggle-clientAUR
baggle-server A software to play the french boggle through the network and the internet (server) 2010 GPL baggle-serverAUR
balazar3-svn Balazar in the rancid skull dungeon! 2008 GPL balazar3-svnAUR
balazarbrothers A 3D puzzle and platform game 2007 GPL2 balazarbrothersAUR
ballandpaddle Extensible ball and paddle game that lets you script the events and attributes of the objects (balls, blocks, powerups, etc.) with GNU Guile. 2009 GPL ballandpaddleAUR
ballandpaddle-bzr an extensible ball and paddle game for GNU 2011 GPL3 ballandpaddle-bzrAUR
ballistics-demo A futuristic racing game similar to wipeout 2010 custom ballistics-demoAUR
balloons Tile based platform puzzle game. 2009 GPL balloonsAUR
ballz Platform game with some puzzle elements 2009 BSD ballzAUR
barbie-seahorse-adventures You're a seahorse - and you want to go to the moon! 2010 GPL barbie-seahorse-adventuresAUR
bash-fuzzy-clock Script to display the time in natural language. English, French, German and Spanish 2013 GPL bash-fuzzy-clockAUR
bash-game-manager Game Manager for use in console 2012 GPL bash-game-managerAUR
bash2048.git Bash implementation of 2048 game 2014 unlicense bash2048.gitAUR
bashnibbles A bash implementation of the classic Nibbles game 2008 MIT bashnibblesAUR
bastet Tetris(r) clone with 'bastard' block-choosing AI 2007 GPL3 bastetAUR
bastion An original action role-playing game set in a lush imaginative world, in which players must create and fight for civilizationu2019s last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move. 2012 custom bastionAUR
batclient Official BatMUD client written in Java. 2012 custom batclientAUR
battalion Game in which you are a rampaging monster and destroy the city. 2009 free battalionAUR
battalion2004 Game in which you are a rampaging monster and destroy the city. 2011 free battalion2004AUR
battle-chess A classic board game from Abandonia, played in Wine. 2011 custom-freeware Abandonware battle-chessAUR
battlejump Arcade game inspired by Monster Farm Jump. 2009 cc-by-nc-sa battlejumpAUR
battlejump-levels All unofficial levels from the official website. 2011 battlejump-levelsAUR
battleships A simple multiplayer server/client battleships game 2010 GPL battleshipsAUR
battleworlds-launcher A launcher for the Battle Worlds Kronos game 2013 custom:commercial battleworlds-launcherAUR
bcalc Bridge Calculator is program which solves problems in the Bridge card game (like double dummy problem) 2008 custom bcalcAUR
beastieworker A 3D sokoban-like game featuring Beastie 2008 GPL beastieworkerAUR
beatbuddy-hib A hand-drawn arcade game with unique music interaction. 2014 custom:commercial beatbuddy-hibAUR
beathazardultra Intense music-driven arcade shooter powered by your music (game sold separately) 2013 custom beathazardultraAUR
beep-game a 2D side-scrolling platformer with physics-based gameplay. (requires copy of the full game) 2011 custom: commercial beep-gameAUR
belooted Belote, a fun GTK card game playing against computer 2012 GPL belootedAUR
beret-git 2D puzzle platformer about a telekinetic scientist (development version) 2011 LGPL OFL beret-gitAUR
berrybots A programming game where the player programs a ship that moves around the stage, sees gameplay events, and shoots at other ships. 2013 custom berrybotsAUR
berusky A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban 2007 GPL beruskyAUR
berusky-data A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban - data files 2011 GPL berusky-dataAUR
berusky2 A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban 2011 GPL berusky2AUR
berusky2-data A logic game based on the puzzle game Sokoban - Data 2011 GPL berusky2-dataAUR
bethewumpus a game with no graphics, with no text, only audio 2009 GPL-2 bethewumpusAUR
bgrease-git 2012 MIT bgrease-gitAUR
bid-for-power Dragonball Z mod for ioquake3 2011 Freeware bid-for-powerAUR
billiards Free cue sports simulator aiming for physical accuracy and simplicity 2009 GPL3 billiardsAUR
biloba An abstract strategy game for 1 to 4 players. 2005 GPL bilobaAUR
bindingofisaac-wrathoflamb The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. 2013 custom bindingofisaac-wrathoflambAUR
biniax2 An innovative puzzle game with unique gameplay and a bright, colorful interface. 2008 custom biniax2AUR
binx32-simutrans An open source transportation simulation game (x32 ABI) 2012 PerlArtistic binx32-simutransAUR
bioboy A platformer... with a twist! 2012 MIT bioboyAUR
bitefusion A snake game with 8 levels 2006 GPL bitefusionAUR
bitfighter A fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player combat game 2010 GPL bitfighterAUR
bittripbeat Rhythm-based pong-style platformer. 2012 custom bittripbeatAUR
bittriprunner BIT.TRIP RUNNER, a rhythm-based action platformer 2011 custom bittriprunnerAUR
bjptools Mapping tools for Quake-engine games. Contains treeqbsp, light, and vis. 2010 GPL2 bjptoolsAUR
bjs Arcade tank battle in 3D. 2007 GPL bjsAUR
black-box A game where you can shoot in and watch, where the shot leaves the box 2008 GPL2 black-boxAUR
blackpenguin An arcade style jump-on-cubes game with Penguin and Evil Window 2012 GPL blackpenguinAUR
blackshades-svn A game where you control a psychic bodyguard, and try to protect the VIP from hordes of would-be assassins 2009 uDevGame blackshades-svnAUR
blasphemer A free Heretic game data file (IWAD) 2009 BSD blasphemerAUR
blinkensisters Open source jump'n'run game in 80s retro style (aka 'Hunt for The Lost Pixels') 2008 GPL2 blinkensistersAUR
blinkensisters-svn Open source jump'n'run game in 80s retro style (aka 'Hunt for The Lost Pixels', development version) 2014 GPL2 blinkensisters-svnAUR
blobandconquer Episode II of Blob Wars, a 3D action game featuring a variety of different weaponry and multiple objectives. 2006 GPL blobandconquerAUR
blobby2-svn Blobby Volley is one of the most popular freeware (now open source!) games. 2009 GPL blobby2-svnAUR
bloboats A boat racing game reminiscent of Elasto Mania and X-Moto 2006 GPL custom bloboatsAUR
block-attack An open source clone of Tetris Attack based on SDL 2006 GPL2 block-attackAUR
blockdude A challenging puzzle game. The goal is to reach the door of each level. 2009 GPL blockdudeAUR
blockling A puzzle game involving moving and stacking blocks with 8-bit graphics and sounds. 2010 GPLv3 blocklingAUR
blockout2 3D tetris, free adaptation of the original BlockOut DOS game edited by California Dreams in 1989 2007 GPL blockout2AUR
blocks-game A 3D Jump & Run set in a small world of wood-blocks 2011 GPLv2 blocks-gameAUR
blocks-that-matter Platformer with puzzle elements that form a mix of Tetris and Minecraft. 2011 custom: commercial blocks-that-matterAUR
blokish A clone of the Blokus game, with a rudimentary AI built in, and supports 4 player games. 2010 GPL blokishAUR
bloqus Inspired by the game Blokus, you have to place polyominos on a board (a grid). 2009 CeCILL 2 bloqusAUR
blorple An Interactive Fiction metadata browser, written in Java 2009 gpl blorpleAUR
bluemoon Artificial Intelligence for Reiner Knizia's Blue Moon card game 2013 GPL bluemoonAUR
boarding-party Boarding Party is a fast paced old school style FPS written in Java 2014 commercial boarding-partyAUR
bobby Package for the puzzle game bobby 2012 custom bobbyAUR
bobobot BoboBot is Mega Man clone 2005 GPL bobobotAUR
bofh Bastard Operator from Hell: Servers Under Siege is a top view shooter with a retro computing feeling. 2010 BSD bofhAUR
boh A world of claustrophobic, mysterious, puzzle-riddled, dangerous mazes where, surrounded by countless enemies, (requires copy of the full game) 2011 custom: commercial bohAUR
boing svgalib based breakout game with sound 2014 custom boingAUR
bolzplatz2006 Nice 3D Soccer Game (Comic Style) 2006 GPL CCPL bolzplatz2006AUR
bombardier-git;a=summary Bombardier is The GNU Bombing utility 2010 GPL3 bombardier-gitAUR
bombermaaan A classic Bomberman-like game with multiplayer support 2008 GPL3 bombermaaanAUR
bombermaaan-svn A classic Bomberman-like game with multiplayer support (development version) 2008 GPL3 bombermaaan-svnAUR
bombic A Czech bomberman-like game 2007 GPL bombicAUR
bombz-gtk A Minesweeper-like game using the GTK--(gtkmm) toolkit. 2008 GPL3 bombz-gtkAUR
boondog A fun puzzle game: jump, grab ledges, push blocks, activate switches and avoid level hazards! 2009 custom boondogAUR
boson-x DRM-free rotational running game 2013 Custom boson-xAUR
boswars Futuristic real-time strategy game 2007 GPL boswarsAUR
boswars-addons Addons for boswars. 2008 GPL boswars-addonsAUR
boswars-svn Bos Wars is a real-time strategy game that uses a modified version of the Stratagus game engine 2007 GPL2 boswars-svnAUR
botanicula A point'n'click exploration game from the creators of Machinarium (requires full copy of the game) 2012 custom:commercial botaniculaAUR
braid A puzzle-platformer where the player manipulates the flow of time (Humble Bundle/Store version) 2010 custom: commercial braidAUR
brainparty 36 puzzle games for all the family 2010 GPL3 brainpartyAUR
brainspell-git logical game for programmers: write on Brainfuck for speed! 2010 GPL brainspell-gitAUR
brainworkshop Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of the Dual N-Back mental exercise 2009 GPL brainworkshopAUR
bravo A Minecraft server and utilities 2011 MIT bravoAUR
brettspielwelt Java client for BrettspielWelt: an online board games portal 2012 Unknown brettspielweltAUR
bricker A puzzle type game using a block of bricks as the main character. 2009 GPL3 brickerAUR
brickshooter A small puzzle game where you'll have to clear the central area from blocks. 2011 GPL brickshooterAUR
briquolo An addictive block game 2005 GPL briquoloAUR
briskola BrisKola is a popular Italian card game. 2009 GPL2 briskolaAUR
brogue A 26-level dungeon crawl to the Amulet of Yendor. 2010 AGPL3 brogueAUR
brokensword-hib A classic point-and-click adventure game (2009 remake; Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom: commercial brokensword-hibAUR
brutal-file-manager A first person file manager. Delete your files brutally with weapons. 2012 GPL2 brutal-file-managerAUR
brutalchess Chess game inspired by 'Battle Chess'. Features full 3D graphics. 2006 GPL2 brutalchessAUR
brutallegend An epic rock-adventure (game sold separately) 2013 custom brutallegendAUR
brutalwars War game and a turn-based strategy, a spiritual successor to Battle Isle 2008 custom:demo brutalwarsAUR
bs The classic game of Battleships against the computer. Ncurses. 2011 GPL2 bsAUR
bsod Bsod displays the famous windows xp blue screen of death on the console 2009 GPL bsodAUR
bsp The most popular nodebuilder for DOOM 2006 CCPL:by-sa bspAUR
btrl Beyond the Red Line is a completely free stand-alone conversion of Freespace 2 based on the TV show Battlestar Galactica 2008 custom btrlAUR
bubble-chains A 2d arcade-puzzle game. The aim is to collect chains of same-color bubbles, and to destroy all the target items. 2010 GPL3 bubble-chainsAUR
bubbman2 2009 GPL bubbman2AUR
bubbros Bubble Bobble clone for up to 10 players 2006 MIT bubbrosAUR
bukkit-commandhelper Alias lugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL bukkit-commandhelperAUR
bukkit-sortal Sign Based Teleportation Plugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL bukkit-sortalAUR
bulletcandyperfect-demo Bullet Candy Perfect is a fun shoot-em-up game, with sharp, super smooth 3D graphics and a cool techno soundtrack. The game is all about honing your skills to perfection as you attempt the perfect run! 2010 custom: commercial bulletcandyperfect-demoAUR
bumprace A racing game through a multi-level maze for 1 or 2 players 2008 GPL bumpraceAUR
bunnykill-git A bunny hopping (and killing) game 2010 GPL bunnykill-gitAUR
burgerspace A clone of the 1982 BurgerTime video game by Data East 2006 GPL burgerspaceAUR
bygfoot Football (a.k.a. soccer) management game 2011 GPL bygfootAUR
bzzwolfsp A Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player engine mod to make Cooperative play possible 2013 GPL bzzwolfspAUR
bzzwolfsp-svn A Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player engine mod to make Cooperative play possible 2013 GPL bzzwolfsp-svnAUR
c10t-git The c10t mapper for Minecraft 2010 GPL c10t-gitAUR
caesaria-git Open Source implementation of Caesar III 2014 GPL3 BSD2 caesaria-gitAUR
cahbot-git An IRC bot which lets you play Card Against Humanity. Written in Nimrod. 2013 BSD cahbot-gitAUR
candyboxgui A gui interface for the web browser game : Candy Box by aniwey 2013 MIT candyboxguiAUR
cannonball Enhanced OutRun Engine 2014 custom cannonballAUR
cannonball-git Enhanced OutRun Engine (development version) 2014 custom cannonball-gitAUR
capicity A client for playing monopoly, compatible to monopd and capid 2013 GPL2 capicityAUR
capitalist A Monopoly-like board game for 2-8 players. This is the 'server' component. 2008 GPL capitalistAUR
capitan-sevilla A remake of the spanish game Capitan Sevilla 2009 GPL3 capitan-sevillaAUR
cappuccino Run this software on your computer when you are not motivated to work, and enjoy doing something different 2008 GPL cappuccinoAUR
capsized-hib A science-fiction action platformer (Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom:commercial capsized-hibAUR
cardinalquest Hack and slash your way through a randomly generated dungeon: a new adventure awaits every time! 2011 custom: commercial cardinalquestAUR
carnagecontest A free 2D turn based multiplayer shooter with fully destructible terrain 2010 custom carnagecontestAUR
carokann-git Carokann chess library 2010 GPL3 carokann-gitAUR
carworld driving simulator with physics 2010 GPL carworldAUR
caster-demo an intense 3rd person action shooter with massive terrain deformation and explosive attacks (demo version) 2009 custom:free_demo caster-demoAUR
castles-in-the-sky A game by the Tall Trees 2014 custom castles-in-the-skyAUR
cataclysm-dda Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an actively maintained roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world, forked from the original. 2013 CCPL:by-sa cataclysm-ddaAUR
cataclysm-dda-git Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an actively maintained roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world. Both SDL tiles and ascii version included. 2013 CCPL:by-sa cataclysm-dda-gitAUR
cataclysm-git A post-apocalyptic roguelike. 2011 CCPL:by-sa cataclysm-gitAUR
catacomb-snatch Catacomb Snatch is a real-time strategy shoot'em up with a steampunk ancient Egypt theme 2012 custom catacomb-snatchAUR
catan-cow-client Catan Online World Linux Client 2010 custom:eula catan-cow-clientAUR
catchchallenger-mmorpg openSource oldschool MMORPG 2014 GPL catchchallenger-mmorpgAUR
catcodec-svn Tools for working with OpenTTD .cat files 2010 GPL2 catcodec-svnAUR
catlateral-damage Play as a cooped-up cat where your paw is your only weapon and mischief-making is your only directive. 2014 custom:Freeware catlateral-damageAUR
cave9 A 3D gravity cave-exploration game based on the classic SFCave 2008 LGPL3 custom cave9AUR
caveblobb-git Guide through a dangerous cave 2011 GPL caveblobb-gitAUR
cavestory+ A platform-adventure game set in a cave 2011 custom cavestory+AUR
cavez-of-phear A Boulder Dash like game for consoles/terminals. Level editor included. 2008 GPL cavez-of-phearAUR
cboard An NCurses PGN browser, editor, and front end to chess engines that use the XBoard protocol 2008 GPL2 cboardAUR
cbzone Classical Unix version of the Battlezone game 2012 custom cbzoneAUR
cchess A simple network client for chinese chess 2008 GPL cchessAUR
cdogs SDL port of DOS arcade game C-Dogs (aka 2006 GPL2 cdogsAUR
cdogs-git SDL port of DOS arcade game C-Dogs (aka 2014 GPL2 cdogs-gitAUR
ceferino Super-Pang clone (destroy bouncing balloons with your grapnel) 2009 GPL ceferinoAUR
centripetal-git Multitouch breakout game 2012 MIT centripetal-gitAUR
cgames Collection of three ncurses games. csokoban (sokoban), cmines (minesweeper) and cblocks (sliding-block puzzles). 2010 GPL2 cgamesAUR
cgmadness CG Madness is based on the classic game Marble Madness. 2009 GPL2 cgmadnessAUR
cgoban-h KGS client 'hacked' with some enhancements 2013 Freeware cgoban-hAUR
cgoban3 Kiseido Go and SGF client 2007 Freeware cgoban3AUR
checkmate A simple, lightweight, multi-platform chess game. 2008 GPL checkmateAUR
chessdb-beta Free chess database 2010 GPL chessdb-betaAUR
chessx ChessX is an Open Source chess database. 2009 GPL2 chessxAUR
chessx-svn A free chess database 2010 GPL2 chessx-svnAUR
chexquest3-wad Chex Quest 3 IWAD (game data) 2014 custom chexquest3-wadAUR
chickennix A 2-D shoot'em up game. 2009 GPL chickennixAUR
childsplay A suite of educational games for young children 2008 GPL childsplayAUR
childsplay-alphabet-sounds A suite of educational games for young children -- Sound Translations 2008 GPL childsplay-alphabet-soundsAUR
chimera_chimera Puzzle platformer: You are a radioactive bear, who must absorb the abilities of other animals to reach the goal. (PyWeek game) 2013 BSD chimera_chimeraAUR
chipw An editor for Chip's Challenge levels. 2010 GPL3 chipwAUR
chocolate-castle [Humble Bundle] A tricky sliding block puzzle game 2011 custom: commercial chocolate-castleAUR
chocolate-doom Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife port accurately reproducing the originals. 2006 GPL2 chocolate-doomAUR
chocolate-doom-git Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife port accurately reproducing the originals. 2013 GPL2 chocolate-doom-gitAUR
choria 2D MMORPG that's all about grinding and doing chores 2013 GPL3 choriaAUR
chroma Abstract puzzle game. 2010 GPL chromaAUR
chroma-extras Additional levels for chroma (XOR and enigma sets) 2010 unknown chroma-extrasAUR
chunky Chunky is a Minecraft mapping and rendering tool created by Jesper u00d6qvist. 2012 GPLv3 chunkyAUR
chunky-bzr A Minecraft mapping and rendering tool. 2013 GPL3 chunky-bzrAUR
chunkymonkey-git A Minecraft Server written in Google Go 2011 MIT chunkymonkey-gitAUR
circuslinux A clone of the classic Atari 2600 video game Circus Atari 2008 GPL circuslinuxAUR
ciso-python CISO compressor, supports ISO over 2GB 2013 GPL ciso-pythonAUR
ck2launcher-gtk GTK-based launcher for Crusader Kings 2, allowing to select Mods & DLC 2013 WTFPL ck2launcher-gtkAUR
ckhet Simple curses implementation of the board came Khet 2011 GPL ckhetAUR
clanbomber clanbomber is a fork of the ClanBomber game that can be found at 2012 GPL clanbomberAUR
clanbomber2 clanbomber is bomberman clone 2008 GPL clanbomber2AUR
classic_invaders A classic alien space shooter. 2009 BSD classic_invadersAUR
cleanwad An utility to clean Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife WAD files and sort directory entries by type 2008 custom cleanwadAUR
clickosquare mind-developing game written in pure C, Gtk+ 2.0 and some OpenGL. 2010 BSD clickosquareAUR
clicraft A command-line wrapper for a minecraft or bukkit server. 2012 BSD clicraftAUR
clicraft-git A command-line wrapper for a minecraft or bukkit server. 2012 BSD clicraft-gitAUR
clmystery-git A command-line murder mystery 2014 none clmystery-gitAUR
clonekeen A clone of the classic DOS game, Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons 2010 GPL3 clonekeenAUR
clonk_rage An entertaining, action-packed game of strategy, tactics, and skill. 2008 ISC CCPL:by-nc custom:trademark clonk_rageAUR
closequarters-git 2D top view zombie shooter game in cramped coridors 2013 GPLv3 closequarters-gitAUR
closure-hib A puzzle platformer game that centers around light (Humble Bundle version) 2012 custom:commercial closure-hibAUR
cls A simple ncurses game. 2012 other clsAUR
cockatrice-git A multiplatform application for playing card games such as Magic: The Gathering over a network. 2009 GPL2 cockatrice-gitAUR
codebreak A minimalistic CLI logic game 2010 GPL3 codebreakAUR
cogs A game in which you build machines from sliding tiles 2011 unknown cogsAUR
colobot-gold Colobot GOLD is a real-time strategy game with programmable bots. 2013 GPL3 colobot-goldAUR
colobot-gold-data Data pack for Colobot GOLD real-time strategy game. 2013 GPL3 colobot-gold-dataAUR
color-lines Color lines game written with SDL with bonus features. 2010 GPL color-linesAUR
colorcode Free MasterMind game clone 2009 GPL3 colorcodeAUR
comi-base Shared files for the Curse of Monkey Island. Requires original files. 2013 custom comi-baseAUR
comi-en The Curse of Monkey Island (English version) for ScummVM. Requires original files. 2013 custom comi-enAUR
comi-fr The Curse of Monkey Island (French version) for ScummVM. Requires original files. 2013 custom comi-frAUR
commander-genius-git A modern implementation of the classic game Commander Keen 2011 GPL commander-genius-gitAUR
commander-zod The Zod Engine - An Open Source Remake of the 1996 Game Z by Bitmap Brothers 2011 GPL commander-zodAUR
concentration A classical memory game 2008 GPL concentrationAUR
connectagram A word unscrambling game 2009 GPL3 connectagramAUR
construder-git Construder is a 3D game that takes place in a completely modifiable world that is built from small cubes, inspired by Minecraft/Infiniminer. 2011 AGPL construder-gitAUR
construo 2D construction program for objects which consist of rods and springs 2008 GPL2 construoAUR
cooldown-svn Casual game where you need to use both your mind and your reflexes 2010 GPL cooldown-svnAUR
coolvlviewer A third-party viewer for Second Life (C) (secondlife) and OpenSim (opensimulator) grids. ('VL' stands for virtual life, formerly known as 'Cool SL Viewer'; native 32bit, binary) 2012 custom coolvlviewerAUR
coolvlviewer-experimental A third-party viewer for Second Life (C) (secondlife) and OpenSim (opensimulator) grids. ('VL' stands for virtual life, formerly known as 'Cool SL Viewer'; native 32bit, binary) 2012 custom coolvlviewer-experimentalAUR
coolvlviewer-legacy A third-party viewer for Second Life (C) (secondlife) and OpenSim (opensimulator) grids. ('VL' stands for virtual life, formerly known as 'Cool SL Viewer'; native 32bit, binary) 2012 custom coolvlviewer-legacyAUR
corebreach Futuristic 2011 custom: commercial corebreachAUR
corewar-pmars This is the pmars environment to run redcode from corewar. 2009 GPL2 corewar-pmarsAUR
corewars Simulation game where a number of programs try to crash each other 2010 GPL2 corewarsAUR
corners Logical board game as known as Halma or Chinese checkers. The game is played by two players on opposing corners of the board. 2009 GPL cornersAUR
corsix-th Reimplementation of the game engine of Theme Hospital 2010 MIT corsix-thAUR
corsix-th-git Reimplementation of the game engine of Theme Hospital 2014 MIT corsix-th-gitAUR
cortexcommand a real-time side-scrolling strategy game from Data Realms (requires copy of the full game) 2010 custom cortexcommandAUR
cosmicbreak CosmicBreak is an MMO third person shooter featuring massive PvP battles of up to 30 vs. 30 players at one time. Familiar WASD control and fast-paced Arena action makes CosmicBreak quick and easy to get into for any gamer. 2011 custom:eula cosmicbreakAUR
cosmicbreak-jp CosmicBreak is an MMO third person shooter featuring massive PvP battles of up to 30 vs. 30 players at one time. Familiar WASD control and fast-paced Arena action makes CosmicBreak quick and easy to get into for any gamer. This is the Japanese version. 2011 custom:eula cosmicbreak-jpAUR
costume-quest-hib A halloween themed 3D action adventure (Humble Bundle) 2014 custom:commercial costume-quest-hibAUR
counter-strike-2d More than just a freeware clone of the well known game Counter-Strike 2009 custom counter-strike-2dAUR
cowfortune A configurable fortune cookie proclaiming cow (and a few other creatures) 2013 MIT cowfortuneAUR
cowsay-futurama Cowsay art for Fry, Bender, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg and Hypnotoad. 2012 CCPL cowsay-futuramaAUR
cowsay-redditalien Use the reddit alien in cowsay 2009 CCPL cowsay-redditalienAUR
crack-attack A free OpenGL game based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack, with Fedora's patches 2010 GPL crack-attackAUR
crack-attack-sounds Sound effects and music for crack-attack, taken from the Fedora's package 2011 GPL custom:Crystal Stacker freeware crack-attack-soundsAUR
cracks_and_crevices Graphical ascii roguelike that takes ideas from UnderDark and SRL. 2010 GPL cracks_and_crevicesAUR
craft A strategy game similar to Warcraft and Dune II 2012 custom craftAUR
craft-fogleman-git A Minecraft clone in C and Python with multiplayer support 2014 MIT craft-fogleman-gitAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-blastcontrol TNT and Creeper restrictions and modification plugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL craftbukkit-plugin-blastcontrolAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-containerprotect Chest protection plugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL craftbukkit-plugin-containerprotectAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-countryloginmessage Alternate login message for Bukkit 2011 GPL craftbukkit-plugin-countryloginmessageAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-firefix Plugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL craftbukkit-plugin-firefixAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-nether Nether plugin for craftbukkit 2011 MIT craftbukkit-plugin-netherAUR
craftbukkit-plugin-plgsetspawn Set spawn plugin for Bukkit 2011 GPL craftbukkit-plugin-plgsetspawnAUR
crafty A computer chess program 2010 custom craftyAUR
crashtest Educational car crash simulation 2006 GPL crashtestAUR
crates Challenging and fun three dimensional puzzle game. 2010 GPL cratesAUR
crawl Linley's Dungeon Crawl roguelike 2008 custom:crawl crawlAUR
crawl-git A modern roguelike game played in the console. 2011 GPL crawl-gitAUR
crawlr-git A 2D dungeon exploration game written in Python. 2009 GPL3 crawlr-gitAUR
crayonphysicsdeluxe A 2D physics puzzle / sandbox game, in which your drawings are transformed into objects. 2011 custom crayonphysicsdeluxeAUR
crazypony A challenging old-school side-scrolling platformer with a fun and competitive multi-player aspect. 2013 BSD crazyponyAUR
crazytype A different (and crazy) typing game. 2009 GPL crazytypeAUR
creeper-world Imagine an enemy that is everywhere and moves like a giant, organic mass across the map. 2013 custom creeper-worldAUR
creeper-world-2 The creeps are coming! You'll need to get off this planet, but you'll have to fight your way out. 2011 custom creeper-world-2AUR
creeper-world-map-editor The map editor for Creeper World 2013 custom creeper-world-map-editorAUR
creeper-world3 Creeper World 3 native linux version 2014 custom creeper-world3AUR
creeptd multiplayer tower defense game 2013 custom creeptdAUR
cretan-hubris An arcade game featuring an infinite maze and a red wave of insta-killing wrath 2012 GPL cretan-hubrisAUR
crimesquad-svn A satirical console-based political role-playing/strategy game in which you recruit a team of Elite Liberal radicals and try to save the United States from a descent into Arch-Conservatism. Gameplay based loosely on the classic 1983 RPG Oubliette. 2010 GPL crimesquad-svnAUR
crimson a tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle (turn-based) 2010 GPL crimsonAUR
critter-chess-engine Very strong multiprocessor UCI chess engine 2011 free critter-chess-engineAUR
critterding A Petri dish universe in 3D that demonstrates evolving artificial life 2011 GPL critterdingAUR
crossfire-client A free and open source cross platform MMORPG. 2007 GPL2 crossfire-clientAUR
crossfire-client-rpm-64 A free and open source cross platform MMORPG. Package pre-built from an RPM. 2012 GPL2 crossfire-client-rpm-64AUR
crossfire-client-svn A free and open source cross platform MMORPG. 2010 GPL2 crossfire-client-svnAUR
crosswordpuzzle A crossword puzzle game and editor. 2007 GPL3 crosswordpuzzleAUR
crrcsim Model airplane flight simulation program. 2008 GPL crrcsimAUR
crrcsim-models additional models for CRRCsim 2009 GPL crrcsim-modelsAUR
cryptrover Roguelike; guide an archaeologist through an underground crypt 2009 GPL3 cryptroverAUR
crystal-caves-1 Side-scrolling platform game (uses DOSBox) 2012 custom:shareware crystal-caves-1AUR
csl Cube Server Lister 2008 GPL cslAUR
csl-svn cube server lister 2010 GPL csl-svnAUR
csmash A 3D table tennis game 2006 GPL csmashAUR
ctris Tetris clone with colorized ncurses ui 2010 GPL ctrisAUR
cube Open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game 2010 ZLIB cubeAUR
cube-escape Progress over a maze etched on the surface of a cube 2010 GPL cube-escapeAUR
cube-sim-git An NxNxN twisty puzzle simulator with controls intended for speed solving. 2013 GPL2 cube-sim-gitAUR
cubit-git Cubit is an open source game in which you walk around in a world that consists only of cubes. 2012 GPL cubit-gitAUR
cubosphere 3d puzzle similar to Kula World/Roll Away 2010 GPL cubosphereAUR
cuckoochess A Java Chess Program, GUI and TUI 2013 GPL3 cuckoochessAUR
cultivation A social simulation game by Jason Rohrer 2006 custom:public_domain cultivationAUR
cultris2 Cultris II is one of the fastest Tetrisu00ae-clones ever! 2012 GPL cultris2AUR
curse A remake of the C64 strategy game 2009 GPL3 Public Domain custom curseAUR
cursed-treasure A neat Tower Defense game with new twists (Flash game). 2010 custom cursed-treasureAUR
curseofwar-git A fast-paced RTS/Action game with ncurses interface 2013 GPL curseofwar-gitAUR
curseofwar-with-sdl-git A fast-paced RTS/Action game. This is the most complete package, includes both ncurses and SDL versions of the game. 2013 GPL curseofwar-with-sdl-gitAUR
cutechess-git GUI and cli application for automating chess engine tournaments.(xboard & UCI) 2011 GPL3 cutechess-gitAUR
cutegod Take on the role of a god and satisfy the needs of your believers 2007 GPL2 cutegodAUR
cutemaze Top-down maze game 2008 GPL3 cutemazeAUR
cxhextris An XTetris-like game with hexagons instead of squares (color version) 2012 custom cxhextrisAUR
cytadela A conversion of a Doom clone for Amiga 2006 GPL cytadelaAUR
d1x-rebirth An enhanced engine to play with Descent1 datas 2007 custom:D1x LGPL custom:as-is d1x-rebirthAUR
d2x-rebirth An enhanced engine to play with Descent2 datas 2007 custom:D1x LGPL custom:as-is d2x-rebirthAUR
d2x-xl D2X is a port of Descent 2 to OpenGL. It is an open source project and has received a lot of enhancements compared to Descent 2. 2012 GPL d2x-xlAUR
d2x-xl-d1-hires-textures High resolution textures for Descent 1 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-d1-hires-texturesAUR
d2x-xl-d1-medres-textures Medium resolution Descent 1 texture pack 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-d1-medres-texturesAUR
d2x-xl-d2-hires-textures High resolution textures for Descent 2 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-d2-hires-texturesAUR
d2x-xl-d2-medres-textures Medium resolution Descent 2 texture pack 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-d2-medres-texturesAUR
d2x-xl-data Required D2X-XL data. 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-dataAUR
d2x-xl-hires-meta Meta package for D2X-XL high resolution data. 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-hires-metaAUR
d2x-xl-hires-models Hires Pyro, missiles and smart mines. 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-hires-modelsAUR
d2x-xl-hires-sounds All Descent 1 and 2 sounds resampled to 44 khz. 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-hires-soundsAUR
d2x-xl-hires-textures Shared high resolution textures for Descent 1 and 2 2012 Other License, Public Domain d2x-xl-hires-texturesAUR
d2x-xl-svn D2X is a port of Descent 2 to OpenGL. It is an open source project and has received a lot of enhancements compared to Descent 2. 2007 unknown d2x-xl-svnAUR
dadadodo generates random sentences based on word probabilities 2007 MIT dadadodoAUR
daggerfall The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 2011 custom:daggerfall daggerfallAUR
daggerfall-addons The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, unofficial Add-Ons 2011 custom:daggerfall daggerfall-addonsAUR
daggerfall-fixes The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, unofficial fixes 2011 custom:daggerfall daggerfall-fixesAUR
daimonin A free, open source, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). 2008 GPL daimoninAUR
daimonin-svn A SVN version of free, open source, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). 2008 GPL daimonin-svnAUR
dajangband Its purpose is to add a little flavor and character to Vanilla Angband. This is done mostly through redoing the monster list and adding a few new classes and races. Other changes are mainly to complement the changes in the monster list and new classes. 2010 custom dajangbandAUR
dakar2011 3D game, where you can drive like in the Dakar rally. 2012 GPL3 dakar2011AUR
dama Turkish draughts. 2011 GPL2 damaAUR
damn-small-nexuiz A somewhat playable Nexuiz version for netbooks - precompiled binary version. 2010 GPL damn-small-nexuizAUR
dangen A shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters 2013 custom dangenAUR
dangerdeep-svn submarine simulator,svn version 2011 GPL dangerdeep-svnAUR
dante-egl-git idTech4 ES2.0, aka Oliver's Doom, aka omcfadde's Doom (EGL rendering version) 2012 GPL3 dante-egl-gitAUR
dark-oberon An open source real-time strategy game similar to Warcraft II 2005 GPL2 CCPL dark-oberonAUR
darkforces FPS set in the Star Wars universe (uses DOSBox, CD-ROM required) 2011 custom darkforcesAUR
darkgates You lead your team of 6 heroes into dungeon where they will fight their way trough in order to destroy Dark Gates and evil mage who is the master of the dungeon 2012 custom darkgatesAUR
darkmod DOOM III standalone mod based on the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios 2013 CCPL darkmodAUR
darkplaces An advanced Quake 1 game engine 2005 GPL2 darkplacesAUR
darkplaces-mod Quake mod specific to Darkplaces 2011 GPL2 darkplaces-modAUR
darkplaces-server An advanced Quake 1 game engine, server only. 2011 GPL2 darkplaces-serverAUR
darkplaces-svn An advanced Quake 1 game engine. SVN version 2012 GPL2 darkplaces-svnAUR
darkplaces_rm-git DarkplacesRM is a fork of the DarkPlaces engine compatible with the RocketMinsta project 2014 GPL2 darkplaces_rm-gitAUR
darkradiant Open-source fork of GtkRadiant: a level editor for Doom3 and The Dark Mod 2009 GPL darkradiantAUR
darkradiant-git Open-source fork of GtkRadiant: a level editor for Doom3 and The Dark Mod 2014 GPL darkradiant-gitAUR
darwinia Save Darwinians from the Viral Infection that threatens their existance (game sold separately) 2011 custom darwiniaAUR
darwinia-demo A virtual themepark, running entirely inside a computer network and populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians 2011 custom darwinia-demoAUR
dawn-rpg A 2d RPG set in a fantasy world. 2010 GPL dawn-rpgAUR
dawnoftime The Dawn of Time is a MUD codebase developed by Kalahn, originally based on the ROM codebase 2012 custom dawnoftimeAUR
dbgl An open-source, free, multi-platform frontend for DOSBox (no DOSBox binaries included) 2013 GPL dbglAUR
dccnitghtmare A free sarcastic 3D single player RPG set in a post-apocalyptical world 2008 code:GPLv3 media:GPLv2, CC BY and CC BY- dccnitghtmareAUR
dead-cyborg-episode1 Free, donation based oldskool sci-fi adventure game with 3D first person view 2011 freeware donationware dead-cyborg-episode1AUR
dead-cyborg-episode2 Free, donation based oldskool sci-fi adventure game with 3D first person view. Episode 2. 2013 freeware donationware dead-cyborg-episode2AUR
deadlycobra Game similar in gameplay to the classic Nibbles(tm) game. 2009 GPL deadlycobraAUR
deal Bridge hand (deals) generator 2008 GPL dealAUR
dealer generate bridge cards game hands for partnerships bidding training or for generating statistics that can be used to design conventions, or win postmortems 2008 GPL dealerAUR
dearesther An experimental first-person adventure, strongly driven by a fractured narrative (game sold separately) 2013 custom dearestherAUR
death-rally A free windows port of the classic racing game from Remedy games, played in Wine. 2011 custom-freeware death-rallyAUR
debo-your-terminal An attempt to make your terminal more Deboshing. 2013 none debo-your-terminalAUR
decisionbot A ruby bot that makes decisions for you! 2009 GPL decisionbotAUR
deepin-game-center Game center for Linuxdeepin 2013 GPL2 deepin-game-centerAUR
defcon Global Thermonuclear War game 2007 custom defconAUR
defenders-quest A Tower Defense / RPG hybrid that focuses on story, customization, and tactics. (requires full copy of game) 2012 custom defenders-questAUR
defenders-quest-demo A Tower Defense / RPG hybrid that focuses on story, customization, and tactics. 2012 custom defenders-quest-demoAUR
defendguin The arcade oldschool fly and shot game 2011 GPL defendguinAUR
deflectouch-git Multitouch game using the kivy toolkit 2012 GPL3 deflectouch-gitAUR
descramble-git Solve Scramble with Friends puzzles like a pro. 2012 GPL descramble-gitAUR
desura A community-driven digital distribution service for gamers 2011 custom: commercial desuraAUR
desurium A community-driven digital distribution service for gamers (open source version) 2013 GPL3 desuriumAUR
desurium-cef Chromium Embedded Framework, runtime dependency for Desurium. 2013 BSD desurium-cefAUR
desurium-git Cross-platform game distribution, with an open source client. 2012 GPL3 desurium-gitAUR
dfg Unofficial semi-graphic version of Dwarf Fortress 2009 custom dfgAUR
dfhack A Dwarf Fortress memory access library and a set of basic tools that use it. 2011 custom dfhackAUR
dfhack-git A cross-platform library for accessing Dwarf Fortress memory 2010 custom:zlib dfhack-gitAUR
dfhack-myne DFHack is a Dwarf Fortress memory access library and a set of basic tools that use it. Build for the dwarffortress-myne package. 2013 custom:zlib dfhack-myneAUR
dfight Multi-player 3D board game for Linux written using Clutter. It is inspired by a popular board game called Khet. 2011 GPL dfightAUR
dhewm3-git Doom 3 engine with native 64-bit support, SDL, and OpenAL 2012 GPL3 dhewm3-gitAUR
diablorl DiabloRL is a relatively simple Roguelike that attempts to present the game Diablo by Blizzard as a Roguelike: without graphics, turn based, and with perma-death, but otherwise using the same game mechanics. 2013 freeware diablorlAUR
diamond-fighters 2D Tank Arcade. 2008 GPL2 diamond-fightersAUR
diaspora-sa Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a single and multiplayer space fighter combat game set in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe. 2012 CCPL custom:fs2_open diaspora-saAUR
dices Dices is an online role game playing software. 2008 GPL dicesAUR
digger the digger game, cloned and remastered with additional features 2006 GPL diggerAUR
digital A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988. 2011 CC-BY-NC-SA digitalAUR
dino-run-se A retro-styled, action-packed prehistoric multiplayer racing game. 2012 custom: commercial dino-run-seAUR
dinothawr Block pushing puzzle game on slippery surfaces. Free your dinosaur friends from their ice prison. Needs a libretro frontend to play. 2013 custom dinothawrAUR
discododgeball-hib Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, a team-based multiplayer FPS (Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom:commercial discododgeball-hibAUR
discworld-fr French version of Discworld to SCUMMVM 2011 GPL2 discworld-frAUR
divideandsucceed A game in which you must divide polygons into the rigth number of equal parts. 2011 GPL divideandsucceedAUR
djl Game manager inspired by Valve's Steam software for Windows 2009 GPL3 djlAUR
dmn DMN Modular Netgame is a videogame based on a classic Spanish game: 'Dominu00f3'. The domino is a board game where two o four people can play, one player vs. other or two partners vs. other two. The player who runs out of dominoes wins. 2014 GPL dmnAUR
dodontof DodontoF is online RPG session site, Anyone can use. 2011 GPL dodontofAUR
dodontof-git DodontoF is online RPG session site, Anyone can use. 2012 GPL dodontof-gitAUR
dofus A manga inspired, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) for Adobe AIR . 2007 custom:Dofus License dofusAUR
dofus-beta A manga inspired, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) for Adobe AIR (Beta version). 2011 custom:Dofus License dofus-betaAUR
doge doge meme motd script 2013 MIT dogeAUR
dolphinviewer An Open Source third party viewers for Second Lifeu00ae (secondlife). 2012 LGPL dolphinviewerAUR
domination A Java version of the classic Risk board game. 2008 GPL dominationAUR
domino Tile-based game 2009 GPL dominoAUR
domjudge programming contest jury system 2013 GPL LGPL MIT BSD domjudgeAUR
donkey-me A Donkey Kong game whit some grafics themes ispired on clasicals movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien, etc 2013 FREE donkey-meAUR
donkeyme-the-lost-ark A Donkey Kong game whit grafics ispired on the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark 2013 FREE donkeyme-the-lost-arkAUR
dontstarve An open world survival video game. 2013 Custom dontstarveAUR
donttakeitpersonally 'don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story' is a visual novel game that tells a story of a new high school literature teacher, set in a prestigious private high school, and on the social networks of 2027. 2012 CCPL:by-nc-sa donttakeitpersonallyAUR
doom1-wad The Doom shareware IWAD (game data) 2009 custom doom1-wadAUR
doom2d-rembo-hg a Linux port of Doom2D game, free DOS two-dimensional arcade created by Russian video game company 2011 GPL doom2d-rembo-hgAUR
doom3 Doom 3 Engine. You need the retail .pk4 files to play. 2005 custom:DOOM 3 doom3AUR
doom3-bin The stock Doom 3 binaries. Punkbuster compatible. You need the retail .pk4 files to play. 2011 custom:DOOM 3 custom:PunkBuster doom3-binAUR
doom3-cdoom Classic Doom: Doom 1 shareware episode maps recreated for use with Doom 3. 2007 custom doom3-cdoomAUR
doom3-data Doom 3 patch data files; not the full game! 2012 custom doom3-dataAUR
doom3-hexen heXen:Edge of Chaos based on the original Hexen game that was developed by id Software and Raven Software. 2010 custom doom3-hexenAUR
doom3-inhell;83607 Doom3 mod inspired by the classic 2006 unknown doom3-inhellAUR
doom3-lms Doom 3 Last Man Standing. A coop mod for Doom 3. 2006 custom doom3-lmsAUR
doom3-phantasm;72040 A Doom 3 mod based on the Phantasm horror movies 2007 custom:doom3-phantasm doom3-phantasmAUR
doom3bfg-data Doom 3: BFG Edition game files 2013 custom doom3bfg-dataAUR
doom64ex-data Creates data for Doom64 EX from an N64 rom. 2013 Custom doom64ex-dataAUR
doom64ex-svn A port of Doom64 2013 GPL doom64ex-svnAUR
doomrl A roguelike game based on the FPS Doom. 2007 custom doomrlAUR
doomrl-lq A roguelike game based on the FPS Doom. Low Quality version 2012 custom doomrl-lqAUR
doomrl-ogg A roguelike game based on the FPS Doom. OGG sound version. 2012 custom doomrl-oggAUR
doomsday An advanced Doom engine that supports DOOM, Heretic and Hexen. 2005 GPL2 doomsdayAUR
doomsday-git An advanced Doom engine that supports DOOM, Heretic and Hexen. 2011 GPL2 doomsday-gitAUR
doomseeker A cross-platform server browser for various multiplayer Doom source-ports. 2009 GPL doomseekerAUR
doomseeker-hg Doomseeker is a cross-platform server browser for Doom. 2012 GPL doomseeker-hgAUR
doukutsu Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game (aka Cave Story) 2008 custom:freeware doukutsuAUR
draci-historie-cz The first Czech CD-ROM-based 2D point-and-click adventure game - czech version 2010 GPL2 draci-historie-czAUR
draci-historie-dubbing-cz Czech voices for the first Czech CD-ROM-based 2D point-and-click adventure game 2010 GPL2 draci-historie-dubbing-czAUR
draci-historie-en The first Czech CD-ROM-based 2D point-and-click adventure game - english version 2010 GPL2 draci-historie-enAUR
draci-historie-pl The first Czech CD-ROM-based 2D point-and-click adventure game - polish version 2010 GPL2 draci-historie-plAUR
dragonhunt An extensible graphical RPG written in Python 2006 GPL CCPL custom dragonhuntAUR
dragonmemory Simple and fun memory game. 2011 GPL dragonmemoryAUR
drascula 2008 custom drasculaAUR
drascula-audio Music addon for Drascula 2008 custom drascula-audioAUR
drascula-audio-flac Lossless music addon for Drascula 2009 custom drascula-audio-flacAUR
drascula-audio-mp3 Lossless music addon for Drascula 2014 custom drascula-audio-mp3AUR
drascula-int 2014 custom drascula-intAUR
dreamchess An open source chess game with OpenGL graphics and various chess board sets 2007 GPL3 dreamchessAUR
dreamchess-music Music Pack for DreamChess 2007 custom dreamchess-musicAUR
dreamweb A top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic dystopian city 2012 custom dreamwebAUR
dreamweb-de A top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic dystopian city - german language 2014 custom: Freeware dreamweb-deAUR
dreamweb-es A top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic dystopian city - spanish language 2014 custom: Freeware dreamweb-esAUR
dreamweb-fr A top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic dystopian city - french language 2014 custom: Freeware dreamweb-frAUR
drod Control a sword-swinging character that explores dungeons and fights monsters in this puzzle game. 2005 MPL drodAUR
droid-assault Play Droid Assault and experience running Star Wars style blaster battles with hordes of rampaging killer robots! Discover a unique tactical arcade shooter, with the fun addictive gameplay of classics like Paradroid and Quazatron. 2010 custom: shareware droid-assaultAUR
droidassault-hib A unique tactical arcade shooter, with the fun addictive gameplay of classics like Paradroid and Quazatron. (Commercial) 2014 custom:commercial droidassault-hibAUR
drystal-git 2D game engine 2013 unknow drystal-gitAUR
dslash-svn The SVN Version of the effective CLI Nintendo DS ROM Trimmer. 2008 GPL dslash-svnAUR
dsromsmanager Nintendo DS Roms Manager 2012 GPL3 dsromsmanagerAUR
dstroy Rewrite of an old bomberman-like 2009 custom dstroyAUR
duckling-git Tiny unfinished 2D platform game 2013 MIT duckling-gitAUR
duckmarines-git Free software remake of Sonic Team's ChuChu Rocket (development version) 2014 zlib CCPL duckmarines-gitAUR
duke3d-svn port of the famous 3d Realms game. This will checkout and package the latest SVN version. 2007 GPL duke3d-svnAUR
dunedynasty Enhanced continuation of the classic real-time strategy game Dune II 2014 GPL2 dunedynastyAUR
dunedynasty-git Enhanced continuation of the classic real-time strategy game Dune II (development version) 2014 GPL2 dunedynasty-gitAUR
dunelegacy Updated clone of Westood Studios' Dune2 2006 GPL dunelegacyAUR
dunelegacy-git Updated clone of Westood Studios' Dune2 (development version) 2013 GPL2 dunelegacy-gitAUR
dungeon-defenders-hib A co-operative 3D tower defense game with medieval theming. 2012 custom dungeon-defenders-hibAUR
dungeonmonkeyunlimited A turn based combat-oriented tactics RPG. This game dispenses with all of the boring stuff and jumps straight to the important part: kill the monsters, take their stuff. 2010 LGPL2.1 dungeonmonkeyunlimitedAUR
dungeons-of-dredmor Rogue-like game with hilarity as the centerpiece. Requires purchase of Humble Introversion Bundle. 2011 unknown dungeons-of-dredmorAUR
duo Duo is a crazy eight / UNO card game 2009 GPL duoAUR
dustaet-hib Dust: An Elysian Tail. An action packed 2D, hack'n'slay platformer 2014 custom:commercial dustaet-hibAUR
dustforce-hib A fast-paced 2D action platformer (Humble Bundle version) 2012 custom:commercial dustforce-hibAUR
dustrac Dust Racing (Dustrac) is a tile-based, cross-platform 2D racing game written in Qt (C++) and OpenG. 2012 GPL dustracAUR
dwarffortress-ironhand A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. Packed with Ironhand's tileset and graphics pack. Does not replace other dwarffortress packages. 2011 custom:dwarffortress-ih dwarffortress-ironhandAUR
dwarffortress-mayday A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. Mayday tileset. 2010 custom:dwarffortress dwarffortress-maydayAUR
dwarffortress-myne A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. Packed with the Myne tileset, some binary patches, and CLA's colour scheme 2013 custom:dwarffortress dwarffortress-myneAUR
dwarffortress-obsidian A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. Obsidian tileset. 2013 custom:dwarffortress dwarffortress-obsidianAUR
dwarffortress-phoebus A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world. Packed with Phoebus' graphics set. 2012 custom:dwarffortress_phoebus dwarffortress-phoebusAUR
dwarftherapist-hg An extension application for the fantastic game Dwarf Fortress 2010 MIT dwarftherapist-hgAUR
dynahack-git A NetHack variant with UnNetHack's new content/challenges, NitroHack's UI, GruntHack's random magical items, and more 2013 custom dynahack-gitAUR
dynamitejack Use only bombs and a flashlight to escape to freedom (game sold separately) 2013 custom dynamitejackAUR
dyson Dyson game 2010 GPL dysonAUR
eamon-deluxe Eamon Deluxe is an enhanced and expanded variation of the classic Eamon gaming system. 2013 GPL eamon-deluxeAUR
easyrpg-player EasyRPG Player aims to be a free, RPG Maker 2000/2003 interpreter 2013 GPL3 easyrpg-playerAUR
easyrpg-player-git FLOSS RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG games interpreter (development version) 2013 GPL3 easyrpg-player-gitAUR
easyrpg-testgame-git RPG Maker 2000/2003 test suite game project, for EasyRPG development. 2013 GPL easyrpg-testgame-gitAUR
eboard A chess interface to ICS and chess engines 2010 GPL eboardAUR
eboard-extras Contains both offical extra sets for eboard. They offer additional graphics and sounds. 2007 GPL eboard-extrasAUR
econcentration-git Game to improve you concentration and memory skills based on EFL 2014 LGPL3 FDL LGPL GPL econcentration-gitAUR
ecwolf Advanced source port of 2014 GPL ecwolfAUR
ecwolf-hg Advanced source port of 2013 GPL ecwolf-hgAUR
edensaegis A freeware bullet hell shooter. 2011 CCPL:by-nd edensaegisAUR
edge An enhanced port of the Doom game engine 2007 GPL edgeAUR
edge-hb A casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your cube through over 100 levels. [Humble Bundle] 2012 custom edge-hbAUR
eduke32 An advanced Duke Nukem 3D source port 2007 GPL custom: BUILD eduke32AUR
eduke32-dukeplus An EDuke32 mod providing optional enhancements like new options and effects 2009 GPL eduke32-dukeplusAUR
eduke32-hrp High-resolution textures and 3D models for EDuke32 2009 HRP Art CGTextures eduke32-hrpAUR
eduke32-shareware-episode Duke Nukem 3D shareware episode for EDuke32 2013 custom: shareware eduke32-shareware-episodeAUR
eduke32-svn An advanced port of the classic FPS 2009 GPL custom eduke32-svnAUR
eetsmunchies-hib Eets Munchies, a family-friendly puzzle game (beta; Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom: commercial eetsmunchies-hibAUR
efbb-git Escape from Booty Bay is an EFL-based physics game that explore EPhysics amazing features 2013 BSD CC:BY CC:BY-NC CC:BY-SA CC:sampling+ efbb-gitAUR
efmb Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a crazy platformer with braincrashing mechanics 2013 CCPL efmbAUR
egoboo An action RPG/dungeon crawling adventure with OpenGL 3D graphics. 2012 GPL egobooAUR
eihort A OpenGL world renderer for minecraft with a really long view distance 2012 BSD eihortAUR
einstein Remake of old DOS game Sherlock which was inspired by Albert Einstein's puzzle 2005 GPL einsteinAUR
elchat2-hg A lightweight chat-only Eternal Lands client 2011 custom elchat2-hgAUR
element4l-hib An immersive and experimental platformer with a focus on flow and smooth gameplay 2014 custom element4l-hibAUR
elemines-git an EFL minesweeper clone 2013 BSD elemines-gitAUR
elephants Save the giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel 2007 custom elephantsAUR
eliot An open source Scrabble game that offers three different game modes (standard, duplicate and training) 2011 GPL eliotAUR
elzgame-git Elzen's games 2013 GPL3 elzgame-gitAUR
emacs-chess-git Chess client written entirely in Emacs Lisp 2011 GPL emacs-chess-gitAUR
ember A 3D client using the OGRE 3d library, valid for WorldForge server. 2009 GPL3 emberAUR
ember-media Data files for the Ember WordForge client. 2010 GPL ember-mediaAUR
emerald-secondlife-bin Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Emerald is alternative viewer 2010 GPL2 emerald-secondlife-binAUR
empcommand-svn Multitouch Missile Command. 2012 GPL3 empcommand-svnAUR
emptyclip A top-down 2D Action RPG 2008 GPL emptyclipAUR
enemy-territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a completely free, standalone, team-based, multiplayer FPS. 2005 custom enemy-territoryAUR
enemy-territory-data Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a completely free, standalone, team-based, multiplayer FPS (etlegacy data files only). 2013 custom enemy-territory-dataAUR
enemy-territory-etpro ET-Pro is a Mod for Enemy Territory 2007 unknown enemy-territory-etproAUR
enemy-territory-fortress Class-based teamplay shooter 2006 custom enemy-territory-fortressAUR
enemylines3 Semi-abstract first person 3d-shooter game. 2008 GPL enemylines3AUR
enemylines5 Enemy lines - computer game series 2009 GPL enemylines5AUR
enemylines7 Enemy lines - computer game series 2009 GPL-3 enemylines7AUR
energytycoon Build your own energy empire! 2011 MIT energytycoonAUR
englishcountrytune-hib English Country Tune, a 3D geometric puzzler (Humble Bundle version) 2013 custom:commercial englishcountrytune-hibAUR
enigma_sdl Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga. 2005 GPL enigma_sdlAUR
enigma_sdl-svn Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga (development version) 2010 GPL enigma_sdl-svnAUR
ensemblist Construction solid geometry game 2006 GPL ensemblistAUR
entombed Entombed is a one or two-player maze game based on the classic Atari 2600 game 2008 GPL entombedAUR
entroband Entroband is an Angband variant that is intended to be difficult, yet rewarding for characters of all levels. 2010 custom entrobandAUR
envirobear2000 A game where you play as a bear who must fatten up to prepare for a long winter hibernation. 2012 unknown envirobear2000AUR
enyo-doom GUI launcher for Doom running under the Doomsday and Chocolate Doom engine. 2009 GPL enyo-doomAUR
eof A song editor for Frets on Fire 2010 BSD eofAUR
eof-svn http:// A song editor for Frets on Fire 2011 BSD eof-svnAUR
eos-git A reimplementation of BioWare's Aurora engine (and derivatives) 2012 GPL eos-gitAUR
epacse An alternative physics platformer. A short game made for Ludum Dare 21, which placed 3rd. 2011 CCPL:by-nd epacseAUR
epiar Open source space arcade & trading game 2005 GPL epiarAUR
epiphany-game Epiphany is a multiplatform clone of Boulderdash 2008 GPL epiphany-gameAUR
erebus 2D real-time role-playing game. 2013 GPLv3 erebusAUR
erebus-git 2D real-time role-playing game. 2013 GPLv3 erebus-gitAUR
escapegoat Escape Goat is a puzzle platformer about a goat 2013 custom:commercial escapegoatAUR
eschalon1 Eschalon: Book I is a classic role-playing game experience that will take you across massive outdoor environments and deep into sprawling dungeons as you seek to uncover the mystery of who u2013 or what u2013 you are. 2010 custom: commercial eschalon1AUR
eschalon2 Turn-based RPG. Eschalon: Book II is the sequel to 2007u2019s award winning RPG Eschalon: Book I, although no previous experience is needed to play and enjoy Book II. 2010 custom: commercial eschalon2AUR
et-sdl-sound Replacement for standard OSS sound system of Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory and Quake 3 2007 GPL et-sdl-soundAUR
eternallands A free 3D MMORPG game with thousands of on-line players 2005 custom eternallandsAUR
eternallands-music Music files for Eternal Lands 2010 custom:eternallands eternallands-musicAUR
eternallands-sound Sound effects files for Eternal Lands 2008 custom:eternallands eternallands-soundAUR
eternally-us A tale of love, life and friendship. 2010 custom eternally-usAUR
eternity-engine An advanced Doom port with vanilla compatibility 2013 GPL3 eternity-engineAUR
eternity-engine-git An advanced Doom port with vanilla compatibility 2014 GPL3 eternity-engine-gitAUR
etlegacy Fully compatible client and server for the popular online FPS game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2013 GPL3 etlegacyAUR
etlegacy-git Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b fully compatible client/server 2012 GPL3 etlegacy-gitAUR
etqw Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a commercial team and class-based multiplayer game. You need the retail DVD to play. 2007 custom etqwAUR
etqw-data Enemy Territory: Quake Wars game files 2014 custom etqw-dataAUR
etqw-demo Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo 2010 custom etqw-demoAUR
etswitch A *nix 'minimizer' for a few games 2006 GPL etswitchAUR
etvis A demo viewer/commenter for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2006 GPL2 etvisAUR
eufloria-hib A unique real time strategy game. 2012 custom eufloria-hibAUR
eureka-editor A map editor for classic Doom 2013 GPL eureka-editorAUR
everborn A turn-based multiplayer fantasy strategy game with real-time battles 2008 GPL2 everbornAUR
eviltris A tetris like game, but the 'random' order of piece selection is different than the standard 'random' number generator method. 2008 GPL eviltrisAUR
excellent-bifurcation A shmup with an evil twist. 2010 GPL3 excellent-bifurcationAUR
exodus-bin This is an alternative viewer for SecondLife. SecondLife is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. 2012 LGPL exodus-binAUR
extremetuxracer-beta Extreme Tux Racer Beta 2009 GPL extremetuxracer-betaAUR
exult A recreation of the Ultima 7 engine 2005 GPL exultAUR
exult-svn A recreation of the Ultima 7 engine 2009 GPL2 exult-svnAUR
eyangband eyangband variant of angband 2005 unknown eyangbandAUR
ezquake One of the most Popular QuakeWorld clients for Linux/BSD/OSX/Win32. You need the retail pak files to play. 2006 GPL ezquakeAUR
e_cho-git Simon game based on EFL 2014 LGPL3 e_cho-gitAUR
e_jeweled-git Bejeweled style game base on EFL 2013 unknown e_jeweled-gitAUR
f1lt unofficial Formula 1 live timing application 2013 GPL3 f1ltAUR
f1spirit Remake of Konami's MSX classic game F1-Spirit 2008 custom f1spiritAUR
faangband An Angband variant set in the First Age of Tolkien's Silmarillion world 2010 GPL custom faangbandAUR
fabled-lands-app An adaptation of the Fabled Lands gamebook series. 2009 GPL fabled-lands-appAUR
fabother-world-git An interpreter for Another World (Out of this world) 2014 GPL2 fabother-world-gitAUR
factorio A 2D game about building and maintaining factories. 2013 custom: commercial factorioAUR
factorio-demo A 2D game about building and maintaining factories. 2013 custom: commercial factorio-demoAUR
faforever-hg Community maintained forged alliance system, runs Supreme Commander through wine (Linux not officially supported) 2014 GPLv3 faforever-hgAUR
fairymax An engine playing chess variants 2010 custom fairymaxAUR
fall-of-imiryn-svn A classic role-playing style game of three aspiring young warriors. 2009 GPL fall-of-imiryn-svnAUR
familyfarm tycoon game in the setting of 19th century farmsteads (full) 2011 commercial familyfarmAUR
fareditor An editor for creating and manipulating .far files used by Cytadela 2009 GPL3 fareditorAUR
fargoal Sword of Fargoal is a simple to play roguelike game where you have to explore the undergrounds and fight monsters. 2009 freeware fargoalAUR
fayangband FayAngband is an angband variant mainly based on EyAngband 2011 unknown fayangbandAUR
fbg2 Falling Block Game. Block stacking game. Tetris Clone. 2011 GPL CCP:cc-by-sa-3.0 fbg2AUR
feedthebeast Feed The Beast minecraft launcher 2012 Apache feedthebeastAUR
fez A game where you play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world 2013 unknown fezAUR
ff-clone Fish Fillets Clone 2012 GPL2 ff-cloneAUR
ffxiiimanager A simple Linux tool to get all info about Final Fantasy XIII weapons and accessories, such as rank, catalyst, shops, prices, remaining experience to star level. 2011 freeware ffxiiimanagerAUR
ffxiiimanager-it FFXIII Manager - Italian translation for weapons and accessories 2011 freeware ffxiiimanager-itAUR
fgcom VoIP client for FlightGear 2013 GPL fgcomAUR
fgcom-svn Realtime voice communications for FlightGear 2011 GPL fgcom-svnAUR
fgcomgui-svn Provides GUI for FlightGear's FGCOM communications addon - SVN 2011 GPL fgcomgui-svnAUR
fgdata-git Base-Data for the opensource flight-simulator. 2010 GPL fgdata-gitAUR
fgms-git-stable FlightGear Multiplayer Server - stable branch from GIT 2011 GPL fgms-git-stableAUR
fgo FGo! is a fast and simple GUI-launcher for FlightGear flight simulator, written in python 2010 GPL fgoAUR
fgrun Frontend for FlightGear. 2005 GPL fgrunAUR
fgx Launcher for free and open source FlightGear Flight Simulator, based on Qt (binary from Debian package) 2011 GPL fgxAUR
fgx-git Launcher for free and open source FlightGear Flight Simulator, based on Qt (gitorious) 2012 GPL fgx-gitAUR
fheroes2-data Heroes 2 data files for fheroes2 (Requires Heroes 2 CD) 2010 unknown fheroes2-dataAUR
fheroes2-demo 2 Heroes 2 Demo data files for use with fheroes2 2010 custom fheroes2-demoAUR
fheroes2-svn Free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine 2010 GPL fheroes2-svnAUR
fics-timeseal Timeseal support for eboard, xboard, scid and maybe others for playing chess on FICS 2013 unknown fics-timesealAUR
fieldrunners-humblebundle Tower defense game, HumbleBundle version 2012 custom fieldrunners-humblebundleAUR
fife Flexible Isometric Free Engine is a cross platform game creation framework 2010 GPL fifeAUR
fife-rpg-git FIFErpg is a framework for creating games utilizing a component-based entity system. It uses the FIFEngine and a modified version of the Grease framework. 2013 GPL3 fife-rpg-gitAUR
fife-svn The mission of the FIFE project is to create a cross platform game creation framework 2008 LGPL fife-svnAUR
firestorm-bin Firestorm is a feature-packed third-party viewer for Second Life. 2011 GPL firestorm-binAUR
firestorm-opensim-bin Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Firestorm is alternative viewer for secondlife (native 32bit, OpenSim version) 2013 GPL firestorm-opensim-binAUR
fishsupper A simple Frogger-like arcade game 2006 GPL3 CCPL:by-sa fishsupperAUR
fist Emphatic message generator 2008 custom:PublicDomain fistAUR
fistfulofbeef FoB is a game where you swing bulls to defend yourself against incoming hordes of...other bulls! 2011 MIT fistfulofbeefAUR
fitzquake A modern Quake1 engine port 2009 GPL fitzquakeAUR
fivehundred A scriptable four-player card game 2012 GPL3 fivehundredAUR
fizmo A Z-Machine interpreter supporting unicode, sound, blorbfile and more. 2009 BSD fizmoAUR
fizzball Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! 2010 custom: commercial fizzballAUR
fizzball-demo Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! 2010 custom: commercial fizzball-demoAUR
fkmines A minesweeper clone for linux terminals using ncurses. 2011 GPL fkminesAUR
flare-engine Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine 2014 GPL flare-engineAUR
flare-game Fantasy action RPG using the FLARE engine 2014 CC-BY-SA 3.0 flare-gameAUR
flare-rpg-0.17 open source action roleplaying game 2012 GPL3 CC-BY-SA-3.0 flare-rpg-0.17AUR
flare-rpg-git open source action roleplaying game 2012 GPL3 CC-BY-SA-3.0 flare-rpg-gitAUR
flat-git FLAT is a first person ice skating combat game that was originally created for the 7 Day FPS Challenge. 2014 GPL flat-gitAUR
flatlinerl FlatlineRL was the entry in the 2013 7DRL competition by flend. 2014 unknown flatlinerlAUR
flaw A free cross-platform multiplayer action game 2009 GPL3 flawAUR
flightgear-aircraft Flightgear aircraft download script 2012 Unknown flightgear-aircraftAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-09 Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with numbers from 0 to 9. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-09AUR
flightgear-aircrafts-a Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter A. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-aAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-b Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter B. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-bAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-c Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter C. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-cAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-de Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter D and E. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-deAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-f Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter F. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-fAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-gh Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter G and H. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-ghAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-ik Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter I, J and K. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-ikAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-l Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter L. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-lAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-m Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter M. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-mAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-n Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter N. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-nAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-op Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter O and P. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-opAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-qr Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter Q and R. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-qrAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-s Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter S. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-sAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-tu Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter T and U. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-tuAUR
flightgear-aircrafts-vz Aircraft collection for Flightgear - Name beginning with letter V, W, X, Y and Z. 2013 GPL flightgear-aircrafts-vzAUR
flightgear-atlas aims to produce and display high quality charts of the world for users of FlightGear. 2012 GPL flightgear-atlasAUR
flightgear-atlas-cvs Displays high quality charts of the world for users of FlightGear 2011 GPL flightgear-atlas-cvsAUR
flightgear-dreamliner Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for FlightGear 2013 unknown flightgear-dreamlinerAUR
flightgear-git An open-source, multi-platform flight simulator 2010 GPL flightgear-gitAUR
flightgear-linuxtrack Software for head motion tracking on linux. 2013 MIT License flightgear-linuxtrackAUR
flightgear-shuttle Nasa Shuttle FlightGear 2014 unknown flightgear-shuttleAUR
flightgear-spain FlightGear Spain Scenery package 2013 GPL flightgear-spainAUR
flightgear-utils Blackleg Flightgear Utils 2013 GPL3 flightgear-utilsAUR
flipout FlipOut is a breakout game with physics.Instead, the paddle can be 2010 GPL flipoutAUR
flobby-git spring lobby client 2013 unknown flobby-gitAUR
fly8 A portable multiplayer flight simulator 2012 GPL fly8AUR
flybots A three-dimensional clone of the classic bsd-robots game. 2012 MIT flybotsAUR
flybots-git A three-dimensional clone of the classic bsd-robots game. 2012 MIT flybots-gitAUR
flying-penguin An arcade game involving a penguin, strap-on wings and flying fish 2011 GPL flying-penguinAUR
fofix fretsonfire X (FoFiX). Highly improved version of Frets on Fire 2010 GPL fofixAUR
fofix-git fretsonfire X (FoFiX). Highly improved version of Frets on Fire (GIT Version) 2010 GPL fofix-gitAUR
fofix-pitchbend Pitchbend module for FoFiX 2010 GPL fofix-pitchbendAUR
foldit A game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research. 2010 custom: free to use folditAUR
footbrawl Footbrawl Quest is a turn based football game featuring the Knights vs the Undead. 2012 unknown footbrawlAUR
fop-game A dungeon-crawling game based on the 8-bit Atari computer game 2009 GPL fop-gameAUR
forgotten-myths Forgotten Myths is a free to play, online collectible trading card game (TCG or CCG) 2013 custom forgotten-mythsAUR
formido Alien killing game using weapons and power-ups 2007 GPL formidoAUR
fortune-classe-americaine-fr Fortune cookies: La Classe americaine quotes in french 2011 unknown fortune-classe-americaine-frAUR
fortune-emma Fortune cookies: quoted from 'Marriage and love' by Emma Goldman 2014 unknown fortune-emmaAUR
fortune-mod-2brokegirls Fortune quotes from 2 Broke Girls 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-2brokegirlsAUR
fortune-mod-3rfts Fortune quotes from 3rd Rock from the Sun 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-3rftsAUR
fortune-mod-all-en Meta package for all English fortunes 2012 None fortune-mod-all-enAUR
fortune-mod-americandad! Fortune quotes from American Dad! 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-americandadAUR
fortune-mod-archer Archer FXNetwork fortune cookie file 2010 unknown fortune-mod-archerAUR
fortune-mod-archlinux irc:// 2006 custom:PublicDomain fortune-mod-archlinuxAUR
fortune-mod-arresteddevelopment Fortune quotes from Arrested Development 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-arresteddevelopmentAUR
fortune-mod-bashfr ( fortune file 2008 custom fortune-mod-bashfrAUR
fortune-mod-betteroffted Fortune quotes from Better Off Ted 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-betterofftedAUR
fortune-mod-blackadder Fortune quotes from Blackadder 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-blackadderAUR
fortune-mod-blackbooks Fortune quotes from Black Books 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-blackbooksAUR
fortune-mod-bofh-excuses BOFH excuses fortune cookie files 2009 Public domain fortune-mod-bofh-excusesAUR
fortune-mod-br Fortune Cookies in Brazilian Portuguese, from the Debian project 2010 GPL fortune-mod-brAUR
fortune-mod-breakingbad Fortune quotes from Breaking Bad 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-breakingbadAUR
fortune-mod-bunheads Fortune quotes from Bunheads 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-bunheadsAUR
fortune-mod-burnnotice Fortune quotes from Burn Notice 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-burnnoticeAUR
fortune-mod-californication Fortune quotes from Californication 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-californicationAUR
fortune-mod-calvin Calvin and Hobbes fortune cookies 2009 unknown fortune-mod-calvinAUR
fortune-mod-carnivale Fortune quotes from Carnivu00e0le 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-carnivaleAUR
fortune-mod-chappelle Fortune quotes from Chappelle's Show 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-chappelleAUR
fortune-mod-chuck Fortune quotes from Chuck 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-chuckAUR
fortune-mod-chucknorris Fortune cookies: Chuck Norris facts. 2007 gpl fortune-mod-chucknorrisAUR
fortune-mod-chucknorris-fr Fortune cookies: Chuck Norris facts in french. 2009 GPL fortune-mod-chucknorris-frAUR
fortune-mod-confucius Fortune cookies: Confucius sayings.) 2013 WTFPL fortune-mod-confuciusAUR
fortune-mod-cs Collection of Czech and Slovak fortune cookie files. 2006 GPL fortune-mod-csAUR
fortune-mod-cs-reddwarf Czech and Slovak fortune cookie files (Red Dwarf) 2006 unknown fortune-mod-cs-reddwarfAUR
fortune-mod-cs-reddwarf-utf8 Collection of Czech and Slovak fortune cookie files. (Red Dwarf; Modified for UTF-8 terminals) 2009 unknown fortune-mod-cs-reddwarf-utf8AUR
fortune-mod-darkangel Fortune quotes from Dark Angel 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-darkangelAUR
fortune-mod-darkknight Fortune cookies: batman The Dark Knight (Movie). 2009 custom fortune-mod-darkknightAUR
fortune-mod-darkwingduck Fortune quotes from Darkwing Duck 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-darkwingduckAUR
fortune-mod-de A collection of German fortune cookie files 2007 GPL2 fortune-mod-deAUR
fortune-mod-dexter Fortune quotes from Dexter 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-dexterAUR
fortune-mod-dexterslab Fortune quotes from Dexter's Laboratory 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-dexterslabAUR
fortune-mod-dharmaandgreg Fortune quotes from Dharma & Greg 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-dharmaandgregAUR
fortune-mod-discworld Fortune cookies from the 2009 unknown fortune-mod-discworldAUR
fortune-mod-discworld-pl A collection --- fortune cookies --- of quotes from the 2007 None fortune-mod-discworld-plAUR
fortune-mod-don-colacho Collected aphorisms of Nicolu00e1s Gu00f3mez Du00e1vila 2014 unknown fortune-mod-don-colachoAUR
fortune-mod-ducktales Fortune quotes from DuckTales 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-ducktalesAUR
fortune-mod-dune-the-butlerian-jihad A fortune file constructed from the quotes at the start of every chapter in Dune: The Butlerian Jihad. 2009 custom:WTFPL fortune-mod-dune-the-butlerian-jihadAUR
fortune-mod-entourage Entourage [HBO] fortune cookie file 2010 unknown fortune-mod-entourageAUR
fortune-mod-entourage-ari_gold Ari Gold (Entourage) [HBO] fortune cookie file 2009 unknown fortune-mod-entourage-ari_goldAUR
fortune-mod-eo Fortune cookies: Esperanto 2011 GPL2 fortune-mod-eoAUR
fortune-mod-es Fortune Cookies in Spanish, from the Debian project 2010 custom fortune-mod-esAUR
fortune-mod-eureka Fortune quotes from Eureka 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-eurekaAUR
fortune-mod-farscape Fortune cookies: Farscape (TV series), scraped from 2012 CCPL:by-sa3.0 fortune-mod-farscapeAUR
fortune-mod-firefly Fortune cookies from Joss Whedon's Firefly series. 2007 unknown fortune-mod-fireflyAUR
fortune-mod-flashrider Fortune cookies (986) from (513), (205), (151) and some more 2013 Public Domain fortune-mod-flashriderAUR
fortune-mod-fr Collection of French fortune cookie files 2006 custom fortune-mod-frAUR
fortune-mod-freshprince Fortune quotes from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-freshprinceAUR
fortune-mod-fringe Fortune quotes from Fringe 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-fringeAUR
fortune-mod-frysk Fortune cookie file with frisian sayings 2011 GPL fortune-mod-fryskAUR
fortune-mod-fullhouse Fortune quotes from Full House 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-fullhouseAUR
fortune-mod-futurama Futurama fortune cookie files 2009 unknown fortune-mod-futuramaAUR
fortune-mod-futurama-fr Fortune cookies: Futurama in french. 2009 GPL fortune-mod-futurama-frAUR
fortune-mod-himym Fortune quotes from How I Met Your Mother 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-himymAUR
fortune-mod-hitchhiker This is a collection of quotes --- fortune cookies --- from Douglas Adams' famous Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 2009 unknown fortune-mod-hitchhikerAUR
fortune-mod-homeland Fortune quotes from Homeland 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-homelandAUR
fortune-mod-homestuck-git Cool fortune quotes from the Homestuck webcomic by Andrew Hussie on MSPA 2013 None fortune-mod-homestuck-gitAUR
fortune-mod-horse_ebooks Fortune quotes from @horse_ebooks, via 2014 GPL fortune-mod-horse_ebooksAUR
fortune-mod-house Fortune quotes from House, M.D. (Thanks to maandree for his wikiquote-fortune tool) 2010 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-houseAUR
fortune-mod-iasip It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia fortune cookie file 2009 unknown fortune-mod-iasipAUR
fortune-mod-issa-haiku Fortune cookies: Kobayashi Issa's haiku collection (7000+) 2008 public domain fortune-mod-issa-haikuAUR
fortune-mod-it Collection of Italian fortune cookie files 2006 custom fortune-mod-itAUR
fortune-mod-joel fortune cookie file of Joel Spolsky quotes 2009 GPL fortune-mod-joelAUR
fortune-mod-kaamelott French Fortune cookies from Kaamelott 2011 CCPL fortune-mod-kaamelottAUR
fortune-mod-kernelnewbies Fortune cookie collection by miscellaneous Linux kernel newbies 2013 unknown fortune-mod-kernelnewbiesAUR
fortune-mod-ku-git Fortune cookies from the & KERNEL ULTRAS community 2011 unknown fortune-mod-ku-gitAUR
fortune-mod-kylexy Fortune quotes from Kyle XY 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-kylexyAUR
fortune-mod-lafemmenikita Fortune quotes from La Femme Nikita 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-lafemmenikitaAUR
fortune-mod-leagueofgentlemen Fortune quotes from The League of Gentlemen 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-leagueofgentlemenAUR
fortune-mod-linuxfr linuxfr fortune cookie file in french. 2010 custom fortune-mod-linuxfrAUR
fortune-mod-lorquotes The selected citations from a site Linux.Org.Ru (UTF8) 2007 ? fortune-mod-lorquotesAUR
fortune-mod-lost Fortune quotes from Lost 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-lostAUR
fortune-mod-lostgirl Fortune quotes from Lost Girl 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-lostgirlAUR
fortune-mod-marriedwithchildren Fortune quotes from Married... with Children 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-marriedwithchildrenAUR
fortune-mod-matrix Fortune cookies: The trilogy matrix. 2009 custom fortune-mod-matrixAUR
fortune-mod-matrix-fr Fortune cookies: Matrix in french. 2009 CCPL fortune-mod-matrix-frAUR
fortune-mod-md Fortune cookie collection by Marco 'md' d'Itri 2011 unknown fortune-mod-mdAUR
fortune-mod-mentalist Fortune quotes from The Mentalist 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-mentalistAUR
fortune-mod-metalfairytale-fr-git A fairy tale whose hero belongs to one of the many Metal (sub-)genres, served in the marvelous form of fortune cookies! 2013 custom:WTFPL fortune-mod-metalfairytale-fr-gitAUR
fortune-mod-metalfairytale-git A fairy tale whose hero belongs to one of the many Metal (sub-)genres, served in the marvelous form of fortune cookies! 2013 custom:WTFPL fortune-mod-metalfairytale-gitAUR
fortune-mod-metalocalypse Fortune quotes from Metalocalypse 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-metalocalypseAUR
fortune-mod-misfits Misfits (UK) Series on E4 fortune cookie file 2011 unknown fortune-mod-misfitsAUR
fortune-mod-mlp Fortune quotes from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Quotes come from ponysay. 2013 GPL3 fortune-mod-mlpAUR
fortune-mod-mlpfim Fortune quotes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-mlpfimAUR
fortune-mod-montypython Fortune cookies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 2009 custom fortune-mod-montypythonAUR
fortune-mod-mrsunshine Fortune quotes from Mr. Sunshine 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-mrsunshineAUR
fortune-mod-multidesk Fortune cookies: Jayce about his OS, MultiDeskOS. 2010 custom fortune-mod-multideskAUR
fortune-mod-mynameisearl Fortune quotes from My Name is Earl 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-mynameisearlAUR
fortune-mod-newgirl Fortune quotes from New_Girl 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-newgirlAUR
fortune-mod-peepshow Peep Show BBC Sitcom fortune cookie file 2011 unknown fortune-mod-peepshowAUR
fortune-mod-pl Polish fortune cookies 2008 GPL fortune-mod-plAUR
fortune-mod-pl-twoja-stara A set of lately popular jokes in PL 2008 GPL fortune-mod-pl-twoja-staraAUR
fortune-mod-portal Fortune cookies: Portal (video game) 2013 unknown fortune-mod-portalAUR
fortune-mod-portal2 Fortune cookies: Portal 2 (video game) 2013 unknown fortune-mod-portal2AUR
fortune-mod-prettylittleliars Fortune quotes from Pretty Little Liars 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-prettylittleliarsAUR
fortune-mod-profile http://localhost/ Displays a random fortune on interactive shells 2011 GPL fortune-mod-profileAUR
fortune-mod-prolinux Fortune cookies from the german site 2009 Public Domain fortune-mod-prolinuxAUR
fortune-mod-protolol-git A compilation of networking jokes 2013 custom:WTFPL fortune-mod-protolol-gitAUR
fortune-mod-psych Fortune quotes from Psych 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-psychAUR
fortune-mod-quantumleap Fortune quotes from Quantum Leap 2014 custom:cc-sa-3.0 fortune-mod-quantumleapAUR