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I'm an antipodean American who runs Arch on my home systems and on two VPS instances.

Feel free to leave comments on the talk page or message me on IRC => irc://

Thanks to Graysky for this user page layout inspiration.

AUR Packages I Maintain

  • canon-pixma-mx870-completeAUR - Complete stand alone driver set (printing and scanning) for Canon Pixma MX870
  • python2-musicbrainz2AUR - A client library written in python which provides easy object oriented access to the MusicBrainz database
  • linode-cliAUR - Linode API wrapper
  • bootstrapAUR - Open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS
  • puddletagAUR - An audio tag editor for GNU/Linux
  • python2-terminaltablesAUR - Generate simple tables in terminals from a nested list of strings
  • parcellite-gitAUR - Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager (git version)
  • pass-parcelliteAUR - Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely (Parcellite history removal support)