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I'm a self taught Linux geek, and I like to help others learn about Linux and the benefits of this operating system. I started playing with Linux in late 1999 and before I knew it, it was the only OS I was using. In 2003 I started a Linux forum, ,not an expert at the time by any means, but I had been doing some web design with Linux and wanted a new project, something that would give back if only a little to the Linux community. Now with thousands of visitors every month, I know some of the information has proved helpful to those new to Linux, and that's a great feeling.

I've actually started several Linux oriented websites. (guess what that's all about ... :) ) and the newest addition to my growing collection of domains, !

My workstation

I have a large desk that I built myself in my family room downstairs. Here’s a picture of it.

That’s it…. it’s about 13 feet long, and the top weighs a ton. I have a total of 4 computers on the desk now.

1. Dell - dual processor. 2-1.7 gig xeons with about 600gigs of hard drive space. My main machine.

2. IBM Z-Pro - dual processor. 2-1.7 gig xeons with about 120 gigs of hard drive space. My home server.

3. IBM single processor. A 1.8 gig xeon processor with a 120 gig hard drive. My test machine.

4. My end workstation. Has a monitor,keyboard, and mouse only…. for working on other people machines ;)

The computers are stored in cabinets underneath the desk. The desk is made up of 3 sheets of 4×8-3/4 particle board with a laminate top and oak edge banding. One heavy top. ;)

The “bookcase” above the desk is made out of unfinished pine. An oak bookcase is in the works to match everything else… but i needed storage right away. The amount of reading material I have was too much to just sit on the shelf. All in all, the setup works pretty good.

My main machine has a dvd burner in it and a tvcard, which is connected to my cable so now it’s possible to watch tv on my Linux system. I have two scanners and one laser printer as well. Why so many workstations ?? Because when you have four kids, you need more than one, otherwise, you never get to use the computer !