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I've been using Arch for about a year as my first full-time-Linux distro. Previously I was a Windows power user, but wasn't fond of the licencing terms or the lack of customization without hacky mods. I now run all of my PCs on Arch including a handful of headless Arch based servers for production and personal use.

I'm currently studying computer engineering at the University of Washington and working as a software dev for the UW Networking Lab.

I love messing around with various window managers, desktop environments etc and have been through 15+ of them in the past year. Minimal is my preference and I had a great time with i3 and Openbox before settling on xfce4. Definately still learning the more old school parts of linux though and have yet to settle on emacs or vim even though I much prefer using a terminal over a point and drool interface.

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--DaemonF (talk) 06:02, 26 February 2013 (UTC)