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Nebie Guide: Automount for newbies

If Ubuntu does, why doesn't Arch?

Preamble... I'm a Linux n00b. live with it. Actually, dont!. Correct me. Insult me if you want, but those who live in darkness will never see the light, and the man that denies fallability is destined to fail...

Right, Now one the best things about Arch is it's "lightness", but the worst thing is it's "unfriendliness". A mate of mine in the WindowsWorld always say things like "That's great! You know stuff!!" when I show him things / save his arse. With Arch, you're expected to know stuff. Arch isn't aimed at newbies, but (*If* you happen to have a Mentor*) is a great way to both learn Linux and learn to love The Penguin...

Now one of things I LURVE about Ubuntu is it's userfriendly-ness. Stick in a USB drive and pops up the desktop. Stick in a CD and it jumps up on the desktop, and you just right-click to eject. None of all that mount /dev/wrongdrive stuff! Nice. BTW, I'm currently using Gnome (and currently working though the "Enlightengnome" wiki).

It's a shame that Arch does not have this functionality. Only, the thing is... IT DOES.

Now I never found anything in the wiki before (which is why I'm sharing this!), so here's how it's done. At this point I should point out that this came from a mate and mentor*, so don't bother to ask how or why it works. I'm guessing dbus is "Device BUS" (or something close) and hal is a deamon monitoring the Hardware Abstraction Layer. Again, if any experts out read this, please correct me if I'm wrong! Also, this should work for most Linux GUI's, but I'm making no guarantees.

Right, enough blurb, time for the good stuff! edit rc.conf Find the "daemons" line and add dbus and hal like the example line: DAEMONS=(syslog.d !hotplug !pcmcia network netfs crond dbus hal)

Reboot that baby (or start the daemons), startx... and fall in love with penguin all over again!

all the best, and HTH,


*Shouts out, full respec' and basically many thanks to the Wombat for all his patience, tutorage, and general damn-nice-bloke-ishness to an utter and complete Penguin-moron!

Penguins may be cute, but Wombats save lives!

Why don't you create a "real" wiki page about this? btw, I know this works with gnome and kde, there are also DE-independent daemons like ivman to handle this. brain0 08:18, 17 February 2006 (EST)