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Long-time computer user since the CP/M days. Experience with CP/M, NetWare, OS/2 1.2-Warp 4, Windows 1.0-10, Xenix, AIX, Tru64, RHEL, Ubuntu, Manjaro, ... Private Linux user since 2012 on Ubuntu. Migrated to Manjaro KDE in 2019 to have rolling releases and an advanced UI.

Ex-Developer, Ex-DBA, Ex-NetEng, Ex-SysEng, Ex-SysArch, Ex-SecOps, ... (In other words: The best thing since sliced bread: Your worst nightmare: a Manager grokking tech.) 😁

Normally only corrects small mistakes or gotchas.

Particular pet peeves interests:

  • Disk redundancy: RAID-1, 0+1, 1+0, 5, 6, ...
  • Swap calculation: SQRT(RAM) in most cases