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I installed Arch for the first time in 2013 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T500 and an Acer Timeline 1810T.

Previously, I had some experience with Ubuntu and Debian. But I wanted more up-to-date software and I'm interested in new trends in the Linux world. I like the KISS principle of Arch Linux: install only what is neccessary, learn how to configure stuff and how it fits together.


  • German (native)
  • English

Reminder to helpful pages

Personal notes / TO DOs

Late christmas present: a new PC system :-)

  • Intel NUC5i5RYH kit
  • 2x 8GB RAM
  • 256 GB M.2 SSD (Samsung)
  • 2x 24" TFT (Eizo EV2455-BK FlexScan)

Install ArchLinux on new NUC. Overall goal: try do avoid legacy technology.

Try to use

  • UEFI boot
  • GPT partitions
  • EFISTUB boot (Intel's UEFI implementation seems quit useful)