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みなさんこんにちは。I'm using Arch Linux for two years. (relatively a new user, isn't it?)

PKGBUILD of Arch Linux is so damn good that I apply similar methods to manage my own script repositories aside of Arch Linux.

So we need to translate pages into Japanese/Chinese/etc. because ...

  • ... not all people want to read manuals which are not written in their native language,
  • ... anyone who loves its nature of simplicity is deserved to use (and fully appreciate the archtecture of) Arch Linux,
  • ... for people who are familiar with Han character, it's much easier to read through fast and find relevant sections if documents are written by the ideoglyphs, namely Kanji (or Hanzi or Hanja).

If you are feared of translations going obsolete

Use Template:TranslationStatus (日本語) and encourage people to translate the documents.