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Upgrade Archweb to Django 1.11.8 (LTS)

The plan is to update to Django 1.11.X which is an LTS release and supported until 2020.

The WIP git repo is located here:



  • Test all commands
  • Todo's
  •  ???


  • All commands copy the verbosity log level, create a base class and inherit from that.

Auto adding new donaters

The donor list is in the Archweb database but not automatically updated. Options:

  • Dump mbox/maildir output every ~ hour and parse it using an django command
  • Set up an lmtp server that accepts the mail (it's like smtp, but better for local delivery)
  • Have postfix run a script with the mail being passed via stdin

For now, create a maildir/mbox importer script to import the donor backlog