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Hello to you user of Arch or in the near future becoming arch users.

Some are knowing me by JohnWinkerBelt, so as I am now, I'll try to provide useful and maybe even life saving tips for all of you.

What am I covering

My topics will vary around the MacBookPro, the problems with EFI and MacBookPro (well, the old ones without Retina and all, in fact, the 7.1 one), especially EFI with nvidia. Furthermore, I'm working with xfce4 and awesome. So my problems and tips are mostly daily problems, which can also be found in the Ubuntu family.

What are my thoughts

I'm a little bit sad, that xfce4 isn't that active right now, but even now it's already really powerful, but only few knows how to get the to most out of this without dirty hacking.

There you go, thank you for reading this humble little page.