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      • About Me***

I hate these. Please visit My Google Profile if you want to read the only one I have ever written.

      • Distro History***

I started with RedHat 7, stopped when RH8 came out, and came back to use RH9. After RedHat went commercial, I started using Fedora (Core) Linux and continued to use it happily until shortly after RedHat 17 was released. At that point I had become fed up with the lack of proper power management settings in GNOME 3. Other desktop environments provided a lackluster experience compared to that of GNOME on the Fedora Project. I tried Linux Mint for a week, and then switched to Arch Linux. I have used Arch Linux before at the job I had in the United States. I currently have it running in an extremely minimal state, but I am building it gradually. The machine should begin to make me happy by this time next year.

      • How I Will Help***

I am currently studying the Japanese language here in Japan(私は日本で日本語をべんきょします). When my Japanese meets or exceeds that of a native Japanese person(or one of my professors state that I have achieved proficiency) I will begin to translate everything that I can.

I also intend to do spelling and grammatical corrections if and when they are needed.

I have a unique computer with some different problems to overcome. I plan to document how I fixed as I encounter the solutions.

I would like to maintain at least one AUR package and, in the event that AUR package becomes part of the official repository, continue to maintain that package.

      • Toshiba Tecra M7***

This machine has all the specs you would find on any website with the following exceptions: > 512GB internal SSD > 4GB of installed RAM

Things that don't work right now: > Accelerometer > Tablet Mode detection > All the buttons not found on a standard keyboard, including the volume control.

      • Languages(Computer)***

C/C++, Java, (X)HTML, CSS. The first two are the result of university courses, and the last two are entirely self taught.