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Hi, Since this is a user page, I think it should be about me so others can understand me and the reasons I use and contribute to Arch Linux and the Arch Wiki.

My Background


I have been using Linux since 2006. In 2006 it was time to upgrade my computer. At the time I liked to do 3D modeling and rendering. I went and bought a Emachine with a 64bit processor, a AMD3500, to speed up rendering of 3D models. I got it home only to find it had 32bit Windows and therefore the benefits I had read about by moving to 64bits wouldn't be realized. After reading up on 64bit operating systems on the internet I found that at the time 64bit Windows had some serious problems, among them was a lack of drivers. But that Linux had a 64bit version and it was free.
After more reading I downloaded, installed, and started using Suse 10. That didn't last long because when version 10.3 came out it had all kinds of package management issues that made it unusable for a novice. My first distro hop was to Ubuntu, 6.06 had just come out and I fell in love with Dapper Drake. This started a long love affair with Ubuntu that lasted until Unity came into the picture.
I was an early x86_64 user in those days Ubuntu 64bit was not the focus of development. The 64bit version lacked a flash plugin and a few other common 32bit applications like wine that a lot of people new to linux would like to have. Not knowing how to code I went and read up on Linux 64bit.
I contributed to the Ubuntu community mainly in the now closed 64bit section posting over 6k posts. I wrote install scripts to install 32bit firefox and the 32bit flash and java plugins. I wrote a howto on how to install wine on Ubuntu 64bit. I liked to help other users because my experiences asking for help from the developers were not all that fruitful. In fact the promises of multi arch in Edgy Eft did not happen and only after 2 lts releases are they now (just when they are no longer needed) being added. I tried Arch in 2009, but stuck with Ubuntu as I knew it better.
And then came Unity. Of all the names they could have given to that disgusting bloat and horrible excuse for a desktop, Unity is exactly the opposite of what it inspired. Seeing other long time users being banned for "Unity bashing" when they tried to discuss and persuade the developers to abandon it or offer another alternative finally opened my eyes and again I went in search of another distro.
At this time I tried Arch for the second time. But my skills and abilities were still not up to keeping everything running smoothly. I was in a Lutheran seminary and had little time to invest in keeping up with everything. A major update broke my system during finals of all times. So I installed Debian, then Mint. I gave Arch a try about a year ago with kde, but that was doomed to failure as I am not a kde user.
In January of 2013 looking for something to do I installed Arch again. Something about the distro keeps me coming back as my linux knowledge grows. This time I installed Cinnamon. I like the desktop from my experience with Mint. I think 3rd times a charm. :)


Over time I have edited other wiki's including wikipedia. Since the Arch wiki is open to editing by users I will add things that I find useful so others can find them.

Linux Use

My Home Network

My home network is 100% Linux. My wife and daughter have Linux Mint installed. My media server is a headless Ubuntu server.

My Computer


I built my last computer from parts, it has been a linux box from day 1.

Ultra Case
Ultra 600 power supply
AMD 9950 black processor
4 gig of Corsair ram
2 TB of storage

Arch Install

Desktop Cinnamon-git

My Church

I am the IT department for my church. The computers all run the latest Xubuntu lts. The church runs on 100% donated equipment and linux has breathed new life into older Pentium 3 and 4 computers making them very useful.

Other Interests

I am a Watchmaker. I sell and service antique pocket watches.