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I generally go by "mDuo13" but MediaWiki likes to capitalize the first letter of pages.

I'm a technical writer and computer geek in the Silicon Valley in California, USA. I like anime, games, and creative writing too. My website is [1].

You can contact me on many IM protocols: mDuo13 on AIM and YIM, mduo13@ on GTalk [domain omitted as spam protection], for MSN. On days where I remember my ICQ password you can even contact me there (119546572).

Before making the switch to Arch, I used Linux Mint as my main OS for about 6 months, but got sick of the broken upgrades and out of date packages. Prior to that I used eeeXubuntu on my netbook and Windows XP on my desktop. (I would've installed Mandrake 8 on that desktop, but driver support for my mobo's onboard components sucked at the time.) I also worked for MontaVista Software documenting their embedded Linux for almost 3 years. ;)

My current rig:
2.66GHz Intel Core i7 "Bloomfield" CPU
nVidia GTX 460 GPU
3x2GB Corsair XMS3 RAM
ASUS P6T motherboard
80GB Intel X-25M SSD
2x1.5TB Western Digital Caviar drives (software RAID1)
Corsair 730w PSU
1280x1024 Samsung SyncMaster 930B
1920x1080 LG FLATRON M237WD

2.6.33-arch kernel
Openbox | Stalonetray | Thunar | Firefox | Audacious | Conky | deluge
Nividia official driver
VirtualBox w/ Windows XP Guest (for Japanese games & Photoshop)