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  • hc - {{hc|/boot/grub/menu.lst|<nowiki># (0) Arch Linux...}}</nowiki>
kernel /vmlinuz26 root=/dev/disk/by-label/ROOT ro console=tty1 splash=silent,fadein,fadeout,theme:arch-black logo.nologo quiet
initrd /kernel26.img
  • bc - {{bc|<nowiki>for _a in {A..Z}...</nowiki>|<nowiki>BASH: /bin/bash...</nowiki>}}
for _a in {A..Z} {a..z};do _z=\${!${_a}*};for _i in `eval echo "${_z}"`;do echo -e "$_i: ${!_i}";done;done|cat -Tsv
  • Note - {{Note|Note should be noted.}}
Note: Note should be noted.
  • Tip - {{Tip|Tip should be considered.}}
Tip: Tip should be considered.
  • Warning - {{Warning|Warning should be heeded.}}
Warning: Warning should be heeded.


Linux sysadmin, hacker, anime nerd, and tea drinker. Formerly computational high energy physics (ATLAS/CERN). I hang out in #tor, #virt (OFTC) and #archlinux, #reddit-sysadmin (Freenode).

  • Linux/FOSS
  • Hacking/DIY
  • Physics
  • Cryptography