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Hi,this is phoenixlzx.

Self Introduction

My blog.

Come from China.Now live in Nanjing,JiangSu Province.

Student of Nanjing University of Information & Science Technology.(2011-present)

Administrator of ArchlinuxCN,the Archlinux Chinese Forum.

Here I am

Translate,revise,create if it doesn't exists.

Trying to help people in China using (Arch)Linux,help ArchWiki and other translators to make it better.Even I do not have too much time.

Something if I can help

Accelerated Mirror

For those who have low speed with Repo-CK and archlinuxfr (and even more...),you can try the mirror that powered by ArchlinuxCN.Add or modify your /etc/pacman.conf

 Server =$arch
 Server =$arch
 Server =$arch

Personal Repository

If you have trouble to use any mirror or your own mirror(e.g.Out of bandwidth),please feel free to contact me at phoenixlzx (at) archlinuxcn (dot) org.

I will set up a mirror of that copy.