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My name is Quint Guvernator. I update my personal website more frequently than this page. My AUR contributions are available here. My public key is available to verify my signatures or to send me a private message.

I run Arch Linux installations on the following systems:

  • my personal laptop
  • a computing cluster at William & Mary
  • my main server for programming and storage
  • a handful of workstations at the W&M Makerspace

Programming Languages:

  • Python
  • Haskell
  • Rust
  • Go
  • C (and friends)
  • JS and derivatives
  • Ruby
  • Lua

Natural Languages:

  • English (native)
  • German (proficient)
  • French (proficient)
  • Dutch (learning)
  • Japanese (learning)

Constructed languages:

  • Esperanto (proficient)
  • Toki Pona (proficient)
  • Lojban (learning)