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Time zone, locale, and hostname

Generate locales

Uncomment en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 and other needed localizations in /etc/locale.gen, and generate them with:

# locale-gen

Initialize basic settings

Run systemd-firstboot(1):

# systemd-firstboot --prompt

Following the instructions, choose a locale, time zone, and hostname when prompted.

Note: Systemd assumes the hardware clock is set to UTC. See System time#Time standard for details.

/etc/hosts configuration

Consider adding an entry to hosts(5) for myhostname, which you set above:

/etc/hosts	localhost.localdomain	localhost
::1		localhost.localdomain	localhost	myhostname.localdomain	myhostname

See also Network configuration#Set the hostname.

Set keymap

If you set the keyboard layout, make the changes persistent in vconsole.conf(5):