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shit i do

  • C++
  • C
  • maintain a few AUR packages, including opencl-amd, vscodium-bin, and my own passman++ and its development package
  • play DOOM all day
  • cryptography
  • optimize my PC
  • bully intel/nvidia users
  • transfer space from my Linux partition to my Windows partition to fit room for more games

say hi to me

projects and stuff

  • passman++ - a lightweight, minimal, secure, and fast password manager
  • see more stuff on my github

faq (not frequently asked at all lol)

  • Q: how old are you

A: 15

  • Q: what can you code

A: C and C++, I mostly do Qt stuff but can do a bit of Vulkan

  • Q: what games do you play

A: doom 2016/eternal, black mesa, btd battles, BOTW, mario odyssey

  • Q: what made you use arch

A: I saw the announcement for Windows 10 and immediately hated it, so I went to Linux. first thing I was introduced to was Arch Linux and I chose it. It took me like an hour to install but man it was worth it. By the way, I was an autistic 10 year old

  • Q: what are your political stances


  • Q: can i play X game with you

A: depends if I will like it or not

  • Q: what time can I contact you

A: any, but i'm awake from 8 AM to 12-2 AM usually

  • Q: would you have preferred to use a different OS than arch

A: yes, probably FreeBSD, but I'm also glad I chose arch because its been a massive learning experience

  • Q: funny

A: yes