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Suhana is a developer and sysop at a major high-street financial house, who’s long-standing love-affair with BSD is tempered only by her enjoyment of Linux and producing thoroughly well designed and tested code.

She has an intolerance for IRC help vampires; you know the ones; really dislikes green vegetables, but enjoys a wide range of music and has been known to sip the odd glass of red wine given any excuse.

Brought up in Scotland, Suhana moved to London to work with the advertising industry but has since relocated to the WestCountry where the grass is green, the hills are beautiful and the phone seldom rings, and enjoys a self-employed lifestyle shared only by a cat and a surprisingly powerful server rack.

Having worked with some of the industry giants, Suhana is considered to be moderately competent by her peers although a few suggest “mostly harmless” is a far more accurate description.