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Page associating List of applications sections with categories and metadata. Original table done by Larivact here.

See Talk:List of applications#Replace_with_external_interface discussion for details.


Category:Internet applications and Category:Networking

List of applications section Category Article Additional category metadata
List of applications/Internet#Network managers Category:Network managers Network configuration NetworkManager
List of applications/Internet#VPN clients Category:Virtual Private Network Privacy VPN Client
List of applications/Internet#Anonymizing networks Category:Anonymity networks Privacy AnonymityNetwork
List of applications/Internet#Web browsers Category:Web browser Web browser WebBrowser
List of applications/Internet#Web servers Category:Web server Web server WebServer
List of applications/Internet#Download managers Category:Download utilities File sharing DownloadManager
List of applications/Internet#Cloud storage servers - File sharing WebStorage Server
List of applications/Internet#Cloud synchronization clients - File sharing WebStorage Client
List of applications/Internet#File transfer clients Category:File Transfer Protocol File sharing FileTransfer Client
List of applications/Internet#File transfer servers Category:FTP servers File sharing FileTransfer Server
List of applications/Internet#BitTorrent clients Category:BitTorrent clients File sharing BitTorrent
List of applications/Internet#Other P2P networks - File sharing P2P
List of applications/Internet#Pastebin clients - File sharing Paste
List of applications/Internet#Email clients Category:Email clients Web communication Email Client
List of applications/Internet#Mail servers Category:Mail server Web communication Email Server
List of applications/Internet#IRC clients Category:Internet Relay Chat Web communication IRC Client
List of applications/Internet#XMPP (Jabber) clients Category:XMPP Web communication XMPP Client
List of applications/Internet#SIP clients - Web communication Telephony Client
List of applications/Internet#Matrix clients - Matrix Web communication Matrix
List of applications/Internet#Tox clients - Tox Web communication Tox
List of applications/Internet#IRC servers Category:Internet Relay Chat Web communication IRC Server
List of applications/Internet#XMPP servers Category:XMPP Web communication XMPP Server
List of applications/Internet#SIP servers - Web communication Telephony Server
List of applications/Internet#News aggregators Category:News aggregators Web sharing News
List of applications/Internet#Podcast clients - Web sharing Podcast
List of applications/Internet#Usenet newsreaders Category:Usenet clients Web sharing Usenet
List of applications/Internet#Blog engines Category:Content management systems Web sharing Blog Server
List of applications/Internet#Microblogging clients - Web sharing Blog Client
List of applications/Internet#Remote desktop clients Category:Remote desktop Remote access RemoteAccess Client
List of applications/Internet#Remote desktop servers Category:Remote desktop Remote access RemoteAccess Server