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Troy Engel

Arch Installation Script

I maintain an Arch installation script primarily targeted at the MATE desktop, it allows for quick and easy installs as well as an educational walk through for people who might want to try Arch easily.

Holler with any ideas, updates, etc. It's been quite handy for many installs and easily adaptable to a specific setup.

Wiki Stuff

I maintain my own wiki that aligns to the Arch wiki in some ways - I've pulled out some of the handy macros (code formatting, e.g.) so that I can cut & paste content from my wiki to here easily.

You'll find duplicate content here and there, as I need to work with many other distros for work and can't just focus on the Arch way of doing things.

Other Stuff

Random places I'm doing things:

You can find me most places as troyengel or tengel via Google.