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My name is Wu, Xingbo.

My first touch on Linux dates back to 2001. My first PC came with a CD installer of Red Flag Linux. I tried it a few times because times after times my illegal copy of Windows fails. That Linux was even worse so I had to go back to the illegal copies.

I switched to Linux (as my primary OS) since 2007 when Ubuntu 7.04 was released.

After about 3 years, I was so tired of the lagged kernel versions. Then Fedora came to my view with a much newer kernel version at that time.

After two failed "upgrades" (Fedora 14->15->16) and the still lagged kernel versions. I switched to Archlinux in 2011. I actually got my system broken by switching to systemd. However, I feel there is no reason for me to find another Distribution.

wuxb45 {at} gmail {dot} com