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Personal Info

I am a German hobby web developer and Linux enthusiast. Occasionally I like to play a game or two, but I spend most of the time perfecting my Linux setup.


What I use


OS btw, I use Arch
WM switching between all different kinds of tiling windows managers, thats i3, dwm, qtile, bspwm, herbstluftwm, xmonad, ...
text editor ed - just kidding (neo-) vim
browser qutebrowser
terminal alacritty, trying out st and other less bloated terminals
mail client neomutt
music player mpd + ncmpcpp (holy crap, I think I even spelled that right)
office suite mixture of markdown, LaTeX and good ol´ LibreOffice


CPU AMD Ryzen 2700X
MB ASRock B450 Pro4
GPU Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti, maybe upgrading soon
RAM 16GB, maybe upgrading to 32 GB soon
HDDs Random bunch of HDDs I have laying around
PSU Cooler Master Elite 500