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Boot managers

This might be a bit pedantic, but I reverted your edit to EFISTUB. There is a technical difference between a BIOS bootloader and an EFI boot manager. A bootloader is responsible for loading and booting an OS (as you might guess), but a boot manager simply reads the ESP and presents an interface for deciding which EFI application to run next. It's a bit confusing that software like GRUB, which has bootloader in the name, also has the capability to act as a boot manager for UEFI systems, but that's GRUB's problem. The article does mention the distinction, but it's a bit far down in the page (see EFISTUB#Using UEFI directly (efibootmgr)) so maybe it needs to be reorganized a bit. Silverhammermba (talk) 12:38, 6 September 2015 (UTC)